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Language Arts (linguistic education)

 The activity of Language Arts aims at the acquisition of "the model" when I use "the technique of words" that is words. The human being considers using words and is a creature to express. And it is necessary to wear the standard and "the model" that it is to think about things logically, and to make logic, and to talk clearly.
 I determine that I acquire "a model" and do not spoil a freedom of expression degree. Rather I can have "the freedom" that even how complicated contents are informed by others in my hand if I obtain the "model". In the society where the expression of own thought is demanded from, the meaning of Language Arts becomes bigger and bigger.
 A speech contest is one big event of the linguistic education. Well, I learn, and, how to decide themes and the constitution of the sentence, the student of the representative chosen in the qualifier of each class announces the points such as how to stop before the whole afterwards before making a manuscript. In feeling of strain, all students announce it magnificently.
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