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A new high school course system began in 2018!
2018 new course system introduction

Summary of the course

I can choose the course that matched own interest interest, hope course.
I carry out the new class of the star original of the dawn!
Separately from a class according to mathematics, the English degree of achievement newly of national language, mathematics, English
 "Fixation of the basic scholastic ability"
 "Learning deepening, search"
I carry out notameno class.
Composite learning corresponding to the 2020 university entrance exam reform!
In practicing "the occupation study, study study, self-management" to a base by linguistic education in the period for integrated study,
 ★Knowledge, skill
 ★Intellectual power, judgement, power of expression
 ★Manner to collaborate with a variety of people with independence of will, and to learn
I plan improvement of education to cultivate o.
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