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ICT education

[2020] introduce a tablet of one student alone!

Each student has an exclusive tablet terminal and utilizes it for not only a class and the composite learning of each subject but also the individual learning at the home. I utilize ICT and plan upbringing of ability for information utilization and the power of expression.

Substantial learning support application

・Portfolio (learning record)
・Adaptive learning (the learning that I matched with each one)
・Active learning (independent learning)
To class content, I cope from a simple notebook function to high collaboration learning flexibly widely!
・The handwriting that is freedom and rich expression
・The screen joint ownership that is super real time
・Subject, class support for all units
 (simultaneous learning, individual learning, collaboration learning)

I practice the approach that "does not stop learning" by an online class during closure of a school!

Using "MetaMoJi ClassRoom," I performed delivery and submission, the correction of the problem smoothly. In a certain subject, I made a question sheet and challenged various approaches that put their ingenuity.
We teacher met the effort of the students who did their best by careful correction and comment hard at home, too.
Using "Zoom," I performed online class and question society, morning SHR.
The class while I see each other's faces has a very big security for not only the student but also we teacher. I was able to feel the importance of what it led to again.

I introduce it to the homepage of KDDI!

A star of the dawn was published in the homepage of KDDI as an introduction example of the ICT education special feature.
An approach of the ICT education of our school including the concrete utilization method is introduced. Please see it by all means.

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