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School guidance

All human beings are Aiko of God, and the star of the dawn aims at all personal development of each student based on Christianity mind that creation saretakaegaenonai is a person in the shape of God.


April, 1949  Fukuyama Akenohoshi girl Junior High School establishment
April, 1952  Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school establishment
December, 1956  The rainy weather ephebeum completion
February, 1962  The hall completion
April, 1963  Athletic ground completion
December, 1967  The gymnasium completion
May, 1968  The home economics classroom completion
September, 1970  Athletic ground extension works completion
July, 1974  I remodel the classrooms in particular and construct it and am completed
February, 1978  The Jeanne dark completion
March, 1980  The Fukuyama Akenohoshi education training center completion
June, 1980  The natatorium completion
May, 1984  The new gymnasium completion
April, 1986  The temple of Confucius completion
April, 1994  The east school building (sixth grader classroom, library) completion
August, 1998  The new hall completion
September, 2005  Irene building repair work completion
2010 ...   
September, 2012  
This school building seismic strengthening construction completion
March, 2012  
Regent Christian academy
(Regent Christian Academy)
Sister school tie-up (Canada)
March, 2013  
Saleh gentingu highland school
(S.M.S. Saleha Genting Highlands,and,Highlands International Boarding School)
Sister school tie-up (Malaysia)
March, 2015  
Villa Maria college
(Villa, Maria, College)
Sister school tie-up (New Zealand)
October, 2023The Sophia University High School size cooperation agreement conclusion
Founder Mary Therese de subiran
Founder Mary Therese de Subiran
Our school was established by the Maria Auxtrice  Order of nuns headquartered in Paris, France.  This Order, founded in 1864 by Mary Therese de Subiran, aimed to serve both God and country by meeting the various social needs of the community. 
Fukuyama Akenohoshi Educational Instituion was established by four sisters who  visited Japan in 1947 and gave hope and joy to the people through the power of Christ. They established a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior high school, and a high school in an attempt to meet the educational needs of the people of Fukuyama.
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