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It is the video which was fully clogged up with the charm of the star of the dawn.
Please see it by all means.
※ There is a sound

School introduction

The 70th anniversary of the foundation of Institute of Fukuyama Akenohoshi

2017 PV

Event introduction

2018 posture of contemplation Kiyoharu society

2018 school camping trip

On-site training for 2,018 years made with a friend

2017 Christmas society

Class special for 2,017 years

2017 school excursion

2017 posture of contemplation Kiyoharu society

2017 63rd memorial festival bazaar

2017 school camping trip

A charge! School infiltration report [TOPS Yoshizu school]

[2019 entrance examination information]

[principal interview] 2019

[2018 entrance examination information]

[principal interview] 2017

[the latter part] 2016

[the first part] 2016

[the latter part] 2015

[the first part] 2015

Radio program, CM

2018 first open school [radio CM]

[mom Radhi] [2017/11/21] Mr. Murata

The 63rd memorial festival bazaar CM

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