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Medium- and high-levels course system

Change of the education measure

・2002 "education at ease" ... "power to live"
    ⇒ Decline in academic ability is concerned about

・The 2013 education reproduction meeting - second Abe Administration
    ⇒ I cope with globalization
     The importance that "I think by oneself and can judge"

 ⇒ Education reform (high school, university, entrance examination) of the Trinity
 ⇒ Common test
  (English outside examination, national language mathematics description type)

New course of study

・"I live in real society and society and work"
    ⇒ Knowledge, skill

・"It supports the unknown situation"
    ⇒ Intellectual power, judgement, power of expression

・"I am going to make use of having learned in the life and society"
    ⇒ Power, human nature to go to learn

2023 "junior high school new course system" birth.

In 2023, I will send an approach to new education with the start of the new course system in note. I am thinking that I am good as the place that "learns, and thinks about reform" with everybody of the star of the dawn. Please see it by all means.
New course system online briefing session (2023.7.31 update)

High school course system

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