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Characteristic of the education

All-round education

For the produced rich development of the harmony, I perform all-round education so that a future dream described on student, each one who are an irreplaceable person called by God by name realizes it.

Cognitive education

Acquire it and pray for power to learn by oneself while I have interest interest toward a new thing and learn the knowledge that ancient people had and bring up power to think about, power to judge when I want you to acquire the joy of learning by experience.

Moral education

It is said that the life is constant choice. A principal school is always a dojo studio training a will to pick better thing, good. I aim at upbringing of the human resources whom social can serve with a heart and gentleness to be considerate of others positively without staying for a negative stage that I do not perform evil not to trouble a person.

Physical education

It is important to strengthen a healthy body so that each person achieves the mission. By sports and orderly life, I increase health and wish that I want to let you wear tough physical strength and spiritual strength.

The religious cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity

The all-round education is completed for the first time by bringing up religion feeling. With the thanks to what is made use of in grand existence and a modest heart, a heart to admit, and to apologize for one's fault obediently and a heart to permit are the core of the teaching of Christ. With hope, I want to wear a heart to trust it, and to pray for even if I will face any difficulty in the future.

Girl education of the six years consistency

Girl education of the six years consistency
The junior high school high school days that are the important time when man and woman extends each characteristic to. I am devoted to girl education to be able to increase the rich ability that a student is given as a woman and learn under the coherent sense of values for six years. The name of the principal school called "a star of the dawn" is the name indicating the Virgin Mary. The Venus of the end to sparkle in the sky of the early morning especially beautifully tells morning arrival while giving off clean light and gives people hope to live. It looks up to the Virgin Mary symbolized in the Venus of this end as a model of the woman and is clean like Maria, and it is the mission of the star in dawn social, to send the wise woman who can give people joy and hope kindly out.

Upbringing of the international mind

Upbringing of the international mind
I laid emphasis on language study education in developing international mind and sense from the beginning of the foundation carefully. I act for the acquisition of the command of English as the communicative competence to escape from narrow egotism, and to be able to bring up a wide heart to understand a thing, cultures to open the heart in the world to others widely, and to accept. I take it in positively at the opportunity of the acceptance of the foreign student and the cross-cultural experience.

High school course system

New approach

I carry out the new class of the star original of the dawn!

"Deepening by fixation, learning of the basic scholastic ability newly English separately from a class according to mathematics, the English degree of achievement national language, mathematics carry out the class for a search".

Composite learning corresponding to the 2020 university entrance exam reform!

In practicing "the occupation study, study study, self-management" to a base by linguistic education in the period for integrated study,
 ★Knowledge, skill
 ★Intellectual power, judgement, power of expression
 ★Manner to collaborate with a variety of people with independence of will, and to learn

I plan improvement of education to cultivate this.
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