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Medium- and high-levels course system

Change of the education measure

・2002 "education at ease" ... "power to live"
    ⇒ Decline in academic ability is concerned about

・The 2013 education reproduction meeting - second Abe Administration
    ⇒ I cope with globalization
     The importance that "I think by oneself and can judge"

 ⇒ Education reform (high school, university, entrance examination) of the Trinity
 ⇒ Common test
  (English outside examination, national language mathematics description type)

New course of study

・"I live in real society and society and work"
    ⇒ Knowledge, skill

・"It supports the unknown situation"
    ⇒ Intellectual power, judgement, power of expression

・"I am going to make use of having learned in the life and society"
    ⇒ Power, human nature to go to learn

2023 "junior high school new course system" birth.

High school course system

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