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Bridge Learning (in the first year of junior high school)

Orientation (2023.4.12)

Because this class became "relief, the safe place" for anyone, I performed orientation. At first I made the team and challenged a hoop relay. I gradually call out to each other while I challenge it about one by a team and come to be able to say a thought. I made "my instruction manual" successively and introduced oneself each other. I conveyed own good point, "I showed power in such a scene." and instructions "not to move when this was done.", and it was at an opportunity to know the friend deeply.

I challenge Question X (2023.4.12)

I challenged "Question X" in Bridge Learning course, the first class. In "Question X", I come to gradually turn consciousness to question itself while coming across a variety of questions for a game sense, and cut off a question by oneself and spend days with a question and will go facing a question. Much surprise and assent were born while I made the question and thought about an answer and were able to enjoy a game noisily today.

I visit it in a class (2023.5.24)

We had visit in a class of Bridge Learning. In two courses to choose in second graders, it was the first day of the program to experience Update Learning course. It is this course and it "increases that it is possible by "it is most suitable for oneself, learning, and finding a person" and aims at wearing power realizing what do it, and is demanded in a drum and the world". In today's class, I brainstormed on a theme, "I made the school where a student continued learning from without a test" and gave ideas in a group.

I visit it in a class (2023.7.12)

It was the visit of the experience last time in the class of the Update Learning course, but was the visit of the experience this time in the class of the Creative Learning course. I push forward inquisitive learning mainly while valuing own interest, interest in this course.
I noticed fun with a question, and, through the past class that widened a question, the students had already decided ""question" which oneself wanted to value" one and pushed forward ""question" polishing" through group work.

Let's meet "a person to research" (2023.9.6)

In a class of the bridge learning of Wednesday, September 6, a program of question X experienced "let's meet" "a person to research". I invited 髙kyoryota of DUSKIN Co., Ltd. Fukuyama and asked "a person to research" about thought loaded an approach of the past and present of 髙kyo with, the thought about the future. "What kind of question did you have when oneself was 髙kyo?" thought about "the question that I wanted to think about with 髙kyo now", and the student announced.

"The quantity of prime factor resolution X produces quality" math teacher entertainer Takata's teacher (2023.9.27)

Mr. Takata of the math teacher entertainer taught special online on a theme, "the quantity of prime factor resolution X produced quality" in the class of Bridge Learning of September 27. When I thought about an art of a story of the history of the prime number and the prime factor resolution with students and introduced it, it was at fun one hour. For a prime factor resolution meeting to be held in a coming class, motivation rose, and the figure of the students who tried an exercise of the prime factor resolution hard for a break from the next day was seen. 

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