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About learning instruction

What kind of characteristic does the instruction system of the school for the learning include?
It means that I make much of English education from the point of view human upbringing with an international field of vision, do please tell me about the contents?

About a characteristic of the education

It is called "education by the Christianity mind", what does a few class, event include in the other schools?
What are education contents toward Women for others?
What is the merit of the girls' school?

About vocational counseling

How is there the instruction to think about the future?

About school life

What happens on Saturday in the star of the dawn?
What happens to the counseling system for the student?
How does the activity of the student by club activities, the event turn out?
A star girl senior secondary school of Akira Fukuyama is a Catholic parochial school.
In the modern society in confusion, I think that the role that the parochial school fulfils became more and more important. The principal school raises an idea called (Women for Others) for "others" based on the Christianity mind highly and assumes practice of the love the root and trunk.
In addition, "I advance, and "getting along with each other each other" raises five of the service", and, for an education policy, "trust acts as which "I am faithful for oneself" for ideal realization of the principal school education to God" with "Maria" for school mottos "education by the Christianity mind" "six years consistent education" "upbringing of the international field of vision".
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