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A certain characteristic education

Five pillars which I take good care of in star Elementary School of the dawn

  1. I know own value and bring up the person who can take good care of oneself truly.
  2. All of us take good care of a friend with recognition that I am brother and develop mind to serve.
  3. I bring up a person with the strength to make power, and to carry out if I understood it in search of a wish of God.
  4. I improve the ability that oneself was given enough and bring up the person who can use it for another person.
  5. I cultivate the basics of true internationality.

A certain characteristic education

Figure ... which I want to bring up by figure ... time to graduate of child 12 years old of the star of the dawn

1 religiousness grows up.

It turns out that I am loved by God and can value God, nature, oneself, the relation with people.

* I have a right image for God.
* I can thank God in daily life.
* I mention the mystery of the life and take good care of a certain life thing.
* I have awe, a heart to be impressed by to nature.
* I come to like oneself and have confidence and a pride.
* I admit own mistake obediently and can apologize.
 In addition, I can permit a person's mistake.
* I am going to see beauty in human act and mind.
* I accept an each person's difference and can accept both the good point and the skimpiness.
* I have a heart to serve.

2 independent spirit grows up.

◯I can judge it based on one's conscience.
◯I can choose a really necessary thing.
◯I make an effort towards one's aim.
◯I can challenge that I am weak.
◯I act by one's responsibility.
◯When it is hard to untie it, I think about a method of coping and can take an embarrassing action.
◯I can control a selfish heart, a selfish heart.
◯I can take good care of time and a thing.
◯The language that accepted the place can act.
◯I reduce their oneself and can put it in order.

Power about three people, society, nature grows up.

◯I say one's thought and can hear the thought of the friend.
◯I can value an opinion and the viewpoint that are different from oneself.
◯Being greetings and a voice, or being able to be hurt, and cooperating with anyone comfortably
 I can do it.
◯I can try to be helpful as a social member.
◯I advance and can do it with work, responsibility till the last.
◯I feel the pain of the person and can hold out a hand.
◯I can be impressed by the great achievements of natural noshikumioya ancient people.
◯Value foreign people and culture; a connection with the world with ji
◯I know the working of nature and take good care of nature.

I acquire 4 live scholastic ability, intelligence.

◯Rich sensitivity grows up.
◯With means to express oneself, power to express wealthily grows up and
 I am.
◯The manner that is going to make use of what I learned in life grows up
◯I find a problem by oneself and acquire a method to be settled
◯I apply it and develop and, based on what I learned, can think
◯I acquire power to make logic, and to think about and a scientific viewpoint
◯I understand the contents of the story and can hear it while considering.
◯I can convey one's thought and thought.
◯I can read the content of the sentence depending on a purpose.
◯Growth gade where I acquire basic skill and physical strength, and balance is good for
 I come.
◯I enjoy it widely and read.
◯Note health, security; of the self do the best, and exercise
 But, I can do it.
◯I acquire rudimentary knowledge and skill necessary for family life
◯Is necessary for English everyday life; it is easy; can talk.
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