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English education

English education

 The English department aims at what they utilize while understanding a manner to be concerned with English positively and English structure through everyday reading aloud homework and the exchanges with the teacher in class. From a first grader to a sixth grader, I carry out the class of two hours a week.

1 class

 Through various activities and the exchanges with the teacher, I hear much English and pile up experience to use English for.

2 reading aloud homework

 I read it aloud to hear the CD attached to the text. The accumulation of everyday small efforts leads to English fixation. I publish the state of the class, the explanation of the text, the effective process of reading aloud homework and value the cooperation with the home.
(spread and displayed when I click a photograph)

3.Activity to conflict with English routinely on campus

▲I perform the return of the kettle by English conversation
▲Whole school chorus
By the whole school chorus to sing raw for 1-6 years, I work on an English song

4.English education as the Catholic school

I calm heart and begin a class in English, praying
▲Christmas card making
For Christmas, I write a Christmas card in English every year
▲Chorus in the Christmas mass
In December, I sing an English sacred song in Christmas mass every year 
Joy to the world,Silent Night, Walk in the light
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