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Guidance of the child club (child custody) of the light

Guidance of the child club of the light


 A protector is a work and, to the child whom it is not had in the home, I provide a place of appropriate play and the life in the daytime using the facilities in this academy after a class and, in our school, establish "a child club of the light" targeting at the children from a first grader to a fourth grader for the purpose of planning healthy upbringing of the child.

Contents of the child club of the light

"A child club of the light"
After a protector leaves school by working together, the grandparents cannot take care, too
Child to first grader - fourth grader of the home
50 (when I surpass capacity, I accept it from the lower grades sequentially.)
Establishment time
Month, Wednesday and Thursday 15:00-18:00
Fire, Friday     15:30-18:00
Saturday 11:30-18:00 with the class
Saturday without the class    8:00-18:00
※I can extend all until 19:00.
※During a long vacation, I establish it by talks on a day without a class.
Monthly basis 7,000 yen (the 4-5 days a week use)
     5,000 yen (the 2-3 days a week use)
     3,000 yen (I take advantage only of one day a week)
     (a rate of 2022. The change is possible in the next fiscal year.)
The first floor of this academy Irene building "child club of the light"
Activity contents
Homework, outside play, fictionization
・I do not establish it on Sundays and holidays.
・I do not establish it on Saturday when there is not hope.
・During a long-term closure period of the summer, the winter season, the spring, I establish it on a temporary holiday.
(I inform you about the date and time, a rate separately.)

State of the child club of the light

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