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 The Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school reached the 60th anniversary of the foundation this year

 Skip a corona evil, and, in this year when there came to be various activities without a limit, the Catholic parochial school "Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school" invites the 60th anniversary and stands at the turning point to tick away new history. When it is the circulation alignment that God gave this, I take it and I inherit the thought of various places concerned with until now and describe "the figure of the school for the future" seriously and think that I want to do it in a year to step forward to new one step.

 The characteristic of our school is mental health care with Catholic teaching as a base. I aim at the all-round education "letting all which each one receives from God flower" since the opening of a school. The children continue working hard to stretch out own power as hard as possible while feeling what "is loved by God" and learn way of life to value other people in the same way as oneself. Time of praying of the whole academy to angelus is important time to turn to the mind to God, and to stare at oneself. When it was the pillar which survived the difficult times, after the corona evil that rolled up the whole world, I was convinced that I brought up religion feeling and rich sensitivity in the days of a child. It learns the elementary school days that are important time changing from the infancy for youth at a Catholic school with teaching of the Bible as a base, and it is the first charm of our school that can meet a friend raising it through a life each other.

 The House of astronomy of the dawn words of sister Mary Francis deragarude at the time of the foundation "it may be said that the star of the dawn was born from adventure. Please consider what kind of power is necessary in the present society. Please make the new thing without being afraid of adventure. I made it running out of very much o which God saved.
 Therefore, in this year, I felt that I wanted to think about the way of the education to bring up the child that it was the leading figure in the new times together across the wall of country public and private and performed an exhibition workshop after an interval of 40 years. At that time, it is the challenge to a new thing as there is not one teacher in office.
Three years when a limit entered relationship, that I talked. By the action restrictions of the corona evil of children learning came under a great influence. At last now that activity restrictions disappeared, the top priority task found by we elementary school teacher is to expand a place learning in spite of being children relationship.
I think that you must value that you bring up "the power of words" through a class more and yet more to be able to plan communication while feeling each other's feelings. At a point "power of words", I think that it is important to the improvement in English ability that is an international language and, as an academy, strengthen cooperation of yoshochuko and work on the improvement of the curriculum. Specifically, ALT was increased one, and I was in charge of the English activity of the kindergarten, and the ALT of the elementary school turned it into the system which the English teacher of medium- and high-levels taught to a the sixth grader English class.

 A mission of the staff of a school of our school since the foundation is "to touch power to always raise antennas, and to live in the current times in the children". When I appreciate that I was able to attend a knot of the 60th anniversary and commune with neighboring and looked back toward this year, I will act so that I think that it was the year when a heartwarming crop is rich.

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