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President Kodama connection

 The Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school aims at the all-round education "letting all which God gives to each one flower" since the opening of a school of 1964 as a Catholic parochial school.
 I learn every day to be able to pressure others to work on it with a heart to value other people in the same way as oneself while feeling, the children "are loved by God".
 It was at the opportunity when the participation in "gathering for peace" in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in case of the Pope visit to Japan thought about a life and dignity of the peace, the mission of the Catholic school deeply some other time in last November. If I had consciousness to be connected all, and a person of the whole world did not change an action into nuclear weapon extinction, environmental protection and the poverty problem of the developing country as own thing, the problem to be taking place on the earth was emitted by a strong message to be to be serious. Of the soon afterwards new coronavirus infectious disease is pandemic, and the whole world is on the verge of the human history maximum more. What kind of meaning do you find in this difficulty? As a member living in the earth, I value all lives and think that it is necessary to expand an instructional activity along SDGs bringing up the awareness as the person of main constituent changing a post-corona in the better times more.
 This year when I began in by closure of a school is the first year of the full-scale enforcement of the new course of study. It is written in the above sentence, it "is demanded that it allows you to become a builder of the sustainable society through various society changes". I realize that it is to bring up independence of will to wrestle for a problem solution while being independent, and what you should no longer value by school education let alone the certain acquisition of knowledge and the skill to live, and to act confronting a problem in front in a corona shock, and collaborating with others. Therefore children focus on "how do you learn?" as well as "what do you learn?", and they will push forward class improvement to feel that it is pleasant to learn.
 I put it together for stages of development and, about the English education that I characterized, perform the class by two of a native speaker and the Japanese English teacher not to make any unreasonableness from a first grader until now. I learn by elementary school graduation although being a pleasure and increase quantity of vocabulary and support the power that is going to increase oneself knowledge and want to bring up the feeling that I am going to be concerned with using English well.
 Because I did not stop the learning of children during long closure of a school, there was that it was seen from days while you should do what or explored it a lot. I think deeply about words of sister Watanabe to lead to growth if I find a meaning in a painful thing. The response about being connected to the children by "zoom" and online, it being possible to upload a video for the learning on the homepage in the first attempt felt. However, about what I can bring up in real learning through the experience including school events, I review the meaning and value some other time and want to value it. I make what you must not change, the thing that you should change clear and will do a better choice.
 "Attend school with pleasure, and is satisfied; and children each one notices the good point of own good point, friend for a password by leaving school", and stretch out individuality; will promote the school education full of smiles warmly to be able to continue making an effort.

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