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School bus

2024 school bus service course

It travels in a course following than April, 2024.

This year
 Fuchu course 
 Ihara course  
 east course
 south course 
 Yamate course 
 Higashi-Fukuyama Station course, Fukuyama Station course
 center course       
It travels in this.
(by the year, we have a change at a service course and the service time)

Chugoku Bus (route bus) timetable

Separately from a school bus, there is the "House of astronomy entrance of the dawn" route bus departing from and arriving at a bus stop (turning ground).
[Fukuyama station square second platform]
School attendance service
Fukuyama StationThe House of astronomy entrance of the dawnRemarks
7:107:20I am suspended on Saturday
7:377:47I am suspended on Saturday
8:008:10I am suspended on Saturday

Leaving school service
The House of astronomy entrance of the dawnFukuyama StationRemarks
15:1015:20It travels only on a month, Wednesday and Thursday
15:5016:00I am suspended on Saturday
15:5516:05It travels only on fire, Friday
16:0016:10I am suspended on Saturday
16:1016:20I am suspended on Saturday

☆The House of astronomy entrance of the Fukuyama Station - dawn of Chugoku Bus is suspended on Saturday.
 As the substitute, I operate a school bus between Fukuyama Station - academies.
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