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Rich experience-based activity

The experience-based activity that I accepted for stages of development

 In the Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school, I increase individual power through various experience-based activities to increase a human being power. Here, I introduce a part of the experience-based activity that there is a number.

Spring excursion

This take it (1.2 years student)

Star Festival Festival (1.2 years student)

Eating house game (1.2 years student)

Local notondomatsuri participation (first grader)

Setsubun (1.2 years student)

Wheelchair experience (fifth grader)

Peaceful learning (fifth grader)

Visit to society

The Star Festival of the dawn

Summer outdoor experience-based activity

 At the place of the experience that left a home and the school, I find the splendor of nature and the friend through cohabitation. I bring up confidence while an each person's child plays the part and sends oneself lively.

The world (fourth grader) of the summer child

School camping trip (fifth grader)

Mountain climbing <Daisen>
Shower climbing

The training trip

 Trip to training to learn the religion's way of life that valued Christian step in Japan and the teaching as a summary of the learning. Through group behavior, I notice the good point of the friend some other time and learn that I assist it and cooperate with the importance of following a public manner and people in circumference.

A pre-yell <the training trip> (sixth grader)

Place of Unzen-jigoku Hell martyrdom
26 saint martyrdom place in Japan
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