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Rich experience-based activity

The experience-based activity that I accepted for stages of development

​ In the Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school, I increase individual power through various experience-based activities to increase a human being power. Here, I introduce the copy of the experience-based activity that there is a number.

Spring excursion

yagotori (1.2 years student)

Star Festival Festival (1.2 years student)

Eating house sangokko (1.2 years student)

Local notondomatsuri participation (first grader)

Traditional end of winter (1.2 years student)

Clay charcoal stove experience (third grader)

Braille learning (fourth grader)

Contact (fourth grader) with the guide dog

Peaceful learning (fifth grader)

Visit to society (1-6 years student)

Summer three major outdoor experience-based activities

​ At the place of the experience that left a home and the school, I find the splendor of nature and the friend through cohabitation. I bring up confidence while an each person's child plays the part and sends oneself lively.

The world (fourth grader) of the summer child

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