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6/22 is contact childcare, and Saturday becomes the all the members going to kindergarten day. In addition, the childcare will change 7/22 to 7/23, the following day in the summer of the A grade that I planned.
Education of the kindergarten
Education of the kindergarten
I bring up irreplaceable each one
Catholic education
I bring up power to live for like oneself
montessori education
I bring up a heart of the consideration
Hierarchy mixed nurture
The history of kindergarten
1947 (S22 year)
Support Maria monastic order sister visit to Japan of four people
(S33 year)
80 Fukuyama Akenohoshi Kindergarten establishment capacity (30 entering a kindergarten children)
(S35 year)
It becomes 160 game room enlargement capacity
(S44 year)
Nursery school building reconstruction
(S45 year)
Childcare room enlargement
(S48 year)
As the beginning of the montessori education, 3 years old child childcare starts. It becomes 180 capacity.
(S51 year)
I introduce montessori method of education entirely
I assume it 3.4.5 year old child mixed class formation (hierarchy class)
(S54 year)
Nursery school building reconstruction
(H3 year)
Childcare room reconstruction, the hall completion under the ground
(H8 year)
Air conditioner setting of the nursery school building (a violet, a rose fills it up a game room)
(H12 year)
3 years old child childcare start
Life of the kindergarten
Life of the kindergarten
From Monday to Friday
8:30 ...
Going to kindergarten, greetings
I work on free choice
School attendance, greetings
▲Going to kindergarten, greetings
Activity using montessori teaching tools
▲Activity using montessori teaching tools
10:30 ...
Activity (music, picture, exercises) at the outside play, same year age

Outside play
▲Outside play
Activity play at the same year age out of or
Activity play at the same year age out of or
Activity play at the same year age out of or
11:30 ...

   Outside play
Activity at the same year age

▲Outside play
Pleasant English
▲Pleasant English activity
13:20 ...
Meeting of the return
14:00 ...
going home from kindergarten
(I reach a garden from first bus)
I work on free choice
... 15:00
Meeting of the return
▲Meeting of the return
Going to kindergarten bus
▲Going to kindergarten bus
Activity using montessori teaching tools
▲Activity using montessori teaching tools
extended-hours childcare
... 18:30
Custody childcare
▲Custody childcare
On Saturday (around two times a month)
・going to kindergarten, outfit, free choice activity, outside play of montessori
・going home from kindergarten(I reach a garden from first bus)
・second bus are lunch
going home from kindergarten(second bus)
・extended-hours childcare (only as for the applicant)
Montessori free choice work
Annual event
Annual event
The first semester
Entering a kindergarten type
Spring excursion
Maria festival
Contact childcare
Pool childcare
The summer childcare (older child)
The second semester
Athletic meet
Sports Festa
The Star Festival of the dawn
The festival that is heated that is heated
753 blessings type
Christmas society
The third semester
The beginning garden type
Birthday party (every month)
The bean-scattering ceremony
Graduation ceremony
About a kindergarten
About a kindergarten
Summary of the kindergarten
The number of the staff
19 people
Class formation
Different age mixture hierarchy class (four classes) of 3 years old - 5 years old
※We have the activity at the age in the same year including music, a picture, exercises, English, too. 
132 number of all children (as of April 1, 2022)
Childcare time
■From Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:00
■Soil (second 4 stops) 8:30 - 11:30
Childcare charges
■Childcare charges    For 27,000 yen (monthly basis) 25,700 yen is becoming it vs. an elephant free
■There is facilities maintenance costs 4,400 yen (monthly basis) exemption application
■It varies according to protector membership fee 500 yen ... (monthly basis) school years
※There is a system to tell about the passage information of the bus by an email 
Custody childcare
■From Monday to Saturday
・From early-morning 7:50
・Until childcare 18:30 p.m. (on Saturday until 16:00)
■During a long vacation period
・9: From 00 to 18: 00 (on Saturday until 16:00)
※It is it early in the morning
・One hour 100 yen (it includes snacks charges)
■Buffet lunch (supplier trust)…On Monday
■Order lunch (applicant)…Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday
■Lunch (bringing)…Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday
 ※On Saturday (person of going to kindergarten bus two flights)
Kindergarten bus
■At going to kindergarten bus (the first flight) going to kindergarten 8:30 korochakukoen 14:00
■At going to kindergarten bus (the second flight) going to kindergarten 9:30 korochakukoen 15:00
≪About a 2023 offer≫
1. The number of the offer children
 50 3 years old children
 Some 4 years old child, 5 years old children name
 (the bud class of the 2 years old, 3 years old child recruits 20 people)
2. I can observe the 2 years old child, 3 years old child class on a visit to kindergarten day, too
 Thursday, September 15, Friday, September 16
   Reception desk    8:50 ...
   Visit      9:00-10:00
         After the visit, I accept a question, consultation.
3. I perform the entering a kindergarten briefing session application distribution from this day. 
 Saturday, October 1
   Reception desk    9:20 ...
   Briefing session     9: 30 - 11:30
         Education contents, introduction, questions and answers of the event
    (not only the teacher but also the protector answers a question.)
4.Application period
 From Tuesday, November 1 to Friday, November 11
 Weekdays 9:00-16:30
 3 first Saturday 9:00-14:00
 But I cannot accept 11/3 (celebration, tree)

 The transference applicant accepts it at any time halfway in a term.
 At first, I recommend the visit of the garden.

About a 2 years old child, 3 years old child class (bud class)
● With the bud class…
With montessori education as a clue, a garden meets a family, and the bud class walks it for the independence of children.
In the room, I fix the attractive tool (montessori teaching tools) which a child can enjoy using a small hand and foot with pleasure.
The children find own thing that I want to do in the environment and learn at own pace in various ways freely.
The teacher watches the activity of the child warmly and does the appropriate support that fitted each one.
   →  For more details, please see this
Bud class
Bud class
[the location]
〒721-8545 3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi
TEL: 084-923-4244
FAX: 084-973-5525

①Taxi (from Fukuyama Station approximately ten minutes)
 The rate around 1,000 yen (from the Fukuyama station square taxi stand to the kindergarten front gate)

②Patrol bus mawa Rose (from Fukuyama Station approximately 16 minutes)
 Blue route 22nd Miyoshichominami getting off

③Chugoku Bus (from Fukuyama Station approximately 15 minutes)
 Yuki, Tojo line first platform via Fukatsu house line second platform Fukatsu house getting off Michigami

 Getting off at steel tube line second platform 2, Nishifukatsucho via the Fukatsu house getting off Fukatsu tunnel or 3

④Well shade bus (from Fukuyama Station approximately 15 minutes)
 Tsubo straight line second platform Matsubara getting off via east Fukatsu
 Getting off at house or west Fukatsu 2