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montessori education

montessori education to bring up power to live for like oneself

The child can originally grow up by oneself if I have "the vitality" that is going to grow up in oneself and can give appropriate environment at appropriate time.
①I choose you by oneself
②I wrestle for the thing which I chose hard
③It is repeated at one's pace 
④I am satisfied and am over and advance to the next step
After this process, I go to the independence.

In this way, I call it with "work" as it is important work raising oneself by oneself.

What kind of person is montessori?

This method of education that montessori thought about spreads out in Europe and America in 20 turns of the century and is spread now with the United States, Europe, Asia.
It is carried out in more than 500 garden and is a method of education attracting attention very much now in Japan.

I work on free choice of montessori

Exercise of the everyday life

I make a body moving just as wanted of oneself while touching a thing using one's physical sensory organ so that it is said, "the child learns while working", and moving it.
Through an exercise of the everyday life, I know how to use adjustment and thing of the exercise and help the growth by mind activities such as the independent spirit.
End transference
I cut vegetables

Sense education

Children from 3 to 6 years old contact with environment using sight, the sense of touch, hearing, taste, the olfactory five senses directly, and sensory function develops with the great speed.
Using sense teaching tools, I refine sensitivity and I classify the miscellaneous impressions that a child received in the whole body unconsciously by then and can arrange it.
Concentration, bearability are developed by using the five senses enough.
Brown stairs
Coloring column
Triangular box

Number education

There are many flows that had height and the weight, constant rhythm of the day, and there is few it and is surrounded in the numerical world when I see the life of the child.
A demand that the child wants to know "the number" more naturally in such an environment comes out.
I catch the world of the number from various angles while I touch it in a concrete object and confirm quantity.
Furthermore, the discovery of the error learns the way of the self-correction and wears the necessary mathematical thought as the human being or accurate judgement.
Stick of the number
A number and ball
Stamp play

Linguistic education

I am active by a small step called "→ → → → grammar to read to write to speak to hear" to acquire it while words do not know it, and they do not know it.
I get the ability that I can express freely and am a domain playing a big role in communication.
Sand letter
The Japanese syllabaries form a line
The moving Japanese syllabary

Culture education

Children are always full of will to want to know the larger world.
I prepare for the activities (geography, the history, creature, religion) through the sensory organ in environment to answer search feeling of the child of this time.
Terrestrial globe of soil and the water
My album
Five vertebrates
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