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Parents' association activity

Purpose of the parents' association

In the game corner of "the heated heated festival"
 Three purposes are written in the parents' association rules of a society.
 ・Shinwa cooperates between members
 ・I help upbringing of children and the development of the garden
 ・I contribute to society
 I performed various business by the parents' association every year to achieve the purpose until now.
 As part of a pleasant event called "the Star Festival of the dawn", bazaars were held on a large scale, and the friendship between members deepened, and, by the profit, the second purpose was achieved enough, too.
 But worked protectors increase, and it is a fact that parts felt in a burden increased little by little. Meanwhile, under the influence of a coronavirus infectious disease, the time when I couldn't but restrain myself from activity itself continued. It was at an opportunity to think about the way of a meeting and the event some other time while "the festival" that I performed jointly with an elementary school isolating it, and talking with a garden during this period.
 To a parents' association officer, the person having full-time job is taken office as now. Volunteer activity and a donation for "the contribution to society" that there is for the purpose of third and the cultural event leave it properly and are worked while pushing forward the reform that we had in the times.
 When "there is" "the person who can do it", can do that "can do it"; think that is organized.
 I will expect it as a parents' association like the star of the dawn very much in future. (director Kazuya Hattori)

When I can come to the garden by a parents' association activity, and evacuation is necessary

Refuge project


1.Please think that you follow own command to the first.
2.If there are any the instructions from the garden, please follow it.
3.If there are any margin, please call out toward the neighborhood.
4.For the first evacuation site, I set the neighborhood of front gate.

Evacuation course


I show where you go along on a map.
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