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Privacy policy

Basic policy about the protection of the personal information

1.Purpose of the privacy policy of this academy
I realize protection of the certain personal information and offer the continuous relief to children, a protector.

2.Privacy policy of this academy
This academy establishes "a regime for personal information protection depending on the duties actual situation" about the handling of the personal information and handles it according to the regulations in the garden adequately and carefully.
* When I collect personal information, I make a purpose to collect for children, a protector clear and, in the limit necessary for achievement of purpose, use legitimate and fair means. In addition, the collection purposes of the personal information to deal with in this academy are as follows.
・Because college register management, class formation, certificate making, college register transfer perform the instructional activity in this academy
・For the event enforcement that an Institute of this school gidayu reciter's book organization hosts an entering a kindergarten type, a graduation ceremony
・Because the enforcement of the medical examination ensures the security of children such as the health care of children, an event, the contact in the garden
・To conduct affairs necessary for the facilities administration in an organization and the garden in the garden
・To conduct affairs necessary for the commendation inside and outside the garden
・For the contact by mail, a telephone, the email of in terms of education on-the-job necessary documents
・To conduct affairs necessary for request for study payment, the receipt of money management, a demand
・To conduct affairs necessary for maintenance, management, the administration of the parents' association organization
・When an offer is necessary, depending on the request of government offices, to perform duties necessary to handle personal information statistically or various subsidy duties

In addition, I may use it as needed even if the above relates to it after before entering a kindergarten or the graduation.

* Within the collection purpose that children, a protector gave an agreement when used personal information see it, and will use it.

* When I provide it or I consign personal information to a third party, I perform this within the collection purpose that children, a protector gave an agreement. In addition, I perform it when I provide it and I deposit it after having prior consent from children, a protector.

3.About the enforcement of safety measures
This academy carries out the safety measures including information security measures to secure accuracy of the personal information and safety, and they will prevent unauthorized access to personal information or loss, destruction, manipulation, a leak of the personal information surely. In addition, I will correct this immediately when improvement was required by the requests from the example of the security accident of the market and children, a protector as a result of domestic inspection.

4.About the observance of laws and ordinances, the model
This academy will observe the guidelines on personal information-related laws and ordinances and group where this garden joins for realization of the certain personal information protection.

5.About continuous improvement of the compliance program
This academy improves compliance program continuously through the opportunity of domestic inspection and the review of the compliance program by the representative of the company and always maintains the best state.

6.Respect for right of children, the protector
When this academy demands the understanding by talks when the refusal of disclosure, a correction, deletion of the self-information or the use or the offer was demanded from children, a protector, and an agreement is not provided, I respect the right of children, the protector and accept it surely.
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