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Hierarchy mixed nurture

Hierarchy mixed nurture to bring up social nature

A 5 years old child (elder), a 4 years old child (I always come), a 3 years old child (youth) spend time together in a class.
In children different in the age living together,
I observe various friends naturally and imitate it and I learn and tell me.
Each other help each other and grow up into children with consideration.

Daily life of the hierarchy childcare

Three or four, a 5 years old child do montessori work together.
"Kana ・・?" which does work that how is an older brother, older sister
Children little age interest deeply.
     In montessori work a 5 years old child a 4 years old child        I helped me.
       "I do it this way here"
When I go for a walk, a 5 years old child ties the hand of the 3 years old child well.
 Outside play. I matched power in three or four, all of the 5 years old child.
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