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Education policy

The education that "a good old tradition" and "the needs of the times" harmonized with

Fukuyama Akenohoshi Kindergarten head Kazuya Hattori

The childcare to the times of "the quality"

In late years the number of waiting-list children surely decreases. It may be said that the childcare was enriched for "quantity" in this sense. The establishment time becomes the kindergarten by custody childcare like a nursery school.

Therefore I will feel that "quality" comes to be called into question from now on. Not only fixed the environment that was easy to act, but also thought about the existence of the important "child"; want to be able to choose it. It is short than a child thought during the period to need near a parent.


As "the tradition" does not change, I continue changing

The power that I think by oneself in the times without the correct answer and decide becomes important. The montessori education brings up the power that it is when I support it when I do better way of life as a human being, and becomes more and more important in times in the future. 

"The hierarchy mixed education" is related between each, and, three pillar "Catholicism education" of this garden education, it is connected for the growth of children "montessori education".

I continue changing until now while doing it on the basis of the same characteristic that I practiced more than 60 years so that the harvest harmonizes the new "needs in the times". 

The kindergarten can choose a protector based on the characteristic directly. Are you not in for a visit once?

I made the introduction video of the garden!

I collected the things which recorded a past picture and a state of this year in after school when I finished childcare and I made full use of editing software and made it.
It is gathered up for about three minutes.

I am publishing it serially in the "diary of the director" kindergarten blog! 

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