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Education policy

The education that "a good old tradition" and "the needs of the times" harmonized with

Fukuyama Akenohoshi Kindergarten head Kazuya Hattori

The classic education is valid in now
 montessori education with Catholic education as a base is the characteristic of this garden. Put it together to each one to stretch out power (vitality) that the child who had originally has from God and value independent learning to choose the thing which I want to do, and to work on
 Using a tool reduced to child size, I perform "every everyday imminent activity dumbness", and there is accepted age of a sense, a number, a language, the culture, is natural, learning.
 Though I bring up mind of social nature and the consideration of children in little present age of siblings, the class formation of the splitting lengthwise to spend in a class having the same 3.4.5 year old feels the every day result in suitable environment.

I aim at the harmony with the needs of the times
I begin the new English activity in connection with star Elementary School of the dawn in this year. 
 I work on reform while doing it on the basis of "the same characteristic" that I practiced more than 60 years to harmonize with the new "needs in the times" and repeat consideration to a protector working in full-time until now.
 As for the event that is important to the growth of the child and the experience-based activity, the parents' association activity that is apt to be thought to burden you is changing at the organization "doing what can do at the time when there are people to have" while maintaining it.
 I introduce contact application from 2022, and absence contact and custody childcare, the application for order lunch are enabled on a smartphone.
 By custody childcare after school, it is opening time at the same level as a nursery school early in the morning, and the kindergarten can choose it to a protector based on the characteristic directly.
 I accept the visit at any time. Please come to see a state of the natural life of children by all means.

I am publishing it serially in the "diary of the director" kindergarten blog! 

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