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Education policy

Harmony of "a tradition" and "needs"

Fukuyama Akenohoshi Kindergarten head Kazuya Hattori

Tradition education to live in now
 montessori education with Catholic education as a base is the characteristic of this garden.

 Put it together to each one to stretch out the power that the child who had originally has from God and value independent learning to choose the thing which I want to do, and to work on
 Though I bring up mind of social nature and the consideration of children in little present age of siblings, the class formation of the splitting lengthwise to spend in a class having the same 3.4.5 year old is suitable environment.

New movement of the garden
I aim at the shift to child garden to have many people experience the education of the star of the dawn in the needs of the times.

* I maintain the education contents which I took good care of as Fukuyama Akenohoshi Kindergarten basically.
* The child care assistance measures lead from a thing made by the current staff and system and carry it out.
* I value a garden and a protector, a relation and the cooperation between protectors.

From "the diary of the director who came from the elementary school spot" publishing serially in kindergarten blog

"Class organization of the different age"

 Let alone the kindergarten which oneself went along, class formation was done in children of the age that the kindergarten which own child went along had the same as the junior during the elder year. Then, at this garden, why are you doing vertical structure childcare of the different age?
 At this garden, the age head who is a senior of the kindergarten life is called B and young sanha C where I just entered by the whole in A, a year. In A, I waited still for C getting off a bus after oneself went down when I saw a state after a garden bus arrived, and there was the figure which I took hand in hand to the classroom when I made sure of what went down. It is natural to do the care of lower children as oneself had you do it until now and, for the A and others, is like the worthwhile thing.
 Unlike the old days, brothers decrease by declining birthrate and take care of the younger person, and the experience contacting with with a feeling of the consideration thinks that it is valuable at all. Originally the society consists of the group of the different age, and it will be said that a school to spend in peer group is special if I think.
 Of course I find the departmental horizontal contact in a company activity in the childcare time of the day as the activity at the same year age that I accepted for stages of development is necessary. Vertical structure and both of the departmental horizontal contact in a company seem to be necessary.

"Value to find wanting to do it"

  When I enter a kindergarten and have an interview, I watch the story "that is going to find that I want to do it by oneself, and sympathized" as the reason why this garden was chosen a lot most. In the book garden characterizing montessori education, time when children can surely release own thing that they want to do is enough. From the teaching tools which seem to be interesting letting you use it, a child chooses you freely by oneself and, by the appropriate support by the teacher who received training, can form self.
 On the other hand, I take it in at time to learn exercises, a picture, music, English all at once as there is the good point to let you experience the same activity according to age.
 When I choose you freely and work as "every dumb person", all are quiet so as to be mysterious and concentrate on it. It is said "our child is not so calm, but is it all right?." but observed is like the thing becoming quiet naturally when I work on what I want to do. Of course, at the time of outside play, I run around in all vigorously.
 I expect it to the naihatsumatodokifu keno power which oneself wants to sincerely try very much. When we adult works, that will be the same. When the human being is not made to do it, and it wanted to do it from oneself, this is because it shows power. Efficiency is good and changes on the rail which I was able to decide in the times when it is demanded from the times to run that I open up a new thing, and the power that I can find what I want to do by oneself becomes still more important.

For "words to move people"

 The growth of infant children is remarkable and feels that it increases that there comes to be so much in one year some other time.
 There is the thing called "a figure wanting you to bring up before an infant end" which a country set and I am common to both a kindergarten and a nursery school and exist. This aimed at the connection with the elementary school being carried out smoothly not arrival target.
 I am apt to think that it is said, "I aim at ... coming to be made." just carelessly when it is a school-like idea. But it becomes the yona childcare that "I draw out" when I pay attention here too much and may not readily arrive at childcare "waiting" for to value independence of will and the independence of children.
 It is very difficult to lead it to the figure wanting you to bring up from a voluntary activity mainly on the play. Even if a bell informing an end of the outside play rings, for the words when I am not going to readily enter, it is trial and error. In fact, I might have pulled it for scolding, words of encouragement plenty until now as I was mainly on praising it, and moving it.
   "Then, for an invitation, I continue observing the reaction of children for the words of teachers urging "to come back to the room, and to show 0 0" every day saying Get set! Go! let's compete".
   What I understood is that there are not the words of the magic that all children understand. I feel that difficulty and the fun of what I intend to aim and lead are common in the spot of the education while accepting a unit.

"Can notice a mark of time"

 I read over "12 knowledge of the montessori teacher" again with all the staff the other day. I reconfirm the contents which you should take good care of some other time and consider what I must refresh every day.
 Thought of the sisters that the academy was made was written in the magazine of the 30th anniversary of the introduced foundation in a meeting of the whole academy of the beginning of the fiscal year by a director, and it was on the guidepost which should advance some other time. A figure devoted to through many trouble for one feeling to want to raise a field of vision and the human being with the heart globally is written while I do not know Japan at all. I am impressed by "a sporting blood" of foundation original sisters.
 It is that it was focused on having sensitive mind to look at the badge of time that remembered most. It was written that it must be the thing which lived in the present age less well without persisting in own image that I had too much.
 Through our society and life, I feel a mark when God is going to show and want to send days to notice it what I should do.

"Help me to be able to do it alone!"

 I was playing with children as always in a garden and heard big crying in people behind. I do not seem to have been able to go down from a playground equipment somehow. There was a teacher under the playground equipment when I saw it to go to the rescue. And "is all right. I called out easily saying go down.
 The boy "is scared. I shouted, I cannot do it, but a teacher "go down backward." I explained a procedure to go down saying "ride a foot to be corrupt." little by little.
 I took down a foot little by little as said to a teacher while saying, "no use is scary.". And by one step returned to the ground from a playground equipment in the movement that edged back by one step safely. A joyful smile when I arrived. I had a teacher praise it a lot.
 I whom they looked at with soba thought that it was just, "it was good.", but what and the teacher offered you saying "I already perform it once". And the child challenged it on the playground equipment which at last should have dropped once again.
 I feel sorry and almost lend you the hand just immediately when I see the figure which cries when I cannot do it. But I thought that the relation oneself which let you act by a judgment was demanded while supporting it quietly while waiting a minute.

"A meaning of the prayer"

 "The angelus" which I hear most from the tower of medium- and high-levels with the history in an academy. While I hear a bell, the whole academy is a time of the prayer. I hear children finish a meal in the kindergarten relievedly at the time called the breath.
 Prayer is called that "I talk with God" well. But, for us who cannot talk with God directly like saints, I may think of the prayer to be one way.
 Why don't you think that there is it when I turn the mind that by having time to stop a little before 1st, always leaves outside most to the inside to feel thought of God with the prayer?
 And I am apt to ask for being convenient for oneself if I say that I pray, but want to pray with trust to "give me the thing which is necessary for me" as what we expect may not be all good.
 I am not going to use God as a tool serving as own wish, and God is going to use oneself for surroundings in an up event how or I clean mind and want to seem to listen.

"Mind of Christmas"

 It was time being aware of Christmas this year. Christmas is a day of the particularly important joy, and, for a Catholic school, various approaches are practiced. I am trying an activity to send the feeling that is kind to an activity and people of the circumference who learn a meaning of Christmas at this garden hard.
 The Christmas contribution thinks that there is various how to work on.
 I whom "a contribution of the patience" is not readily saved prepare a bottle for a house and am doing "a small change collection donation". After having finished payment as there is still a shop for cash despite the cashless era, small change may come back to the wallet. It is a custom to put small change of the change in the bottle. How about everybody, too? A wallet becomes slim and is killing two birds with one stone.
 It deserves to be Christmas to do what is pleased with, a desirable thing during a period to try positively. Though it is going to get off a commuter train at the very beginning ordinarily, it is this season that I can become a feeling to hand over a little.
 I want to value time to reach Christmas as the period when we adult does a heart wealthily.

"Did you like the exercise of the athletic meet?"

 For an athletic meet, I practice every day. All do their best very much and, in the garden bus of the return, hear that most children sleep heavily.
 I think that there is the memory of the athletic meet all somewhere if I go to the Japanese school. As for me, oneself has the memory at the age of the primary schoolchild and both memories when I was concerned as a teacher of elementary school.
 When the exercise of the athletic meet began in the elementary school days, "a class disappeared", and one was glad. As I ran fast quite, I was looking forward to the exercise of a race and the relay. But, until a second grader, I remember that I did not understand that a race is competition. I thought that I ran with the friend who lined up aside happily and was not thinking about leaving it out. To hear the story of brothers and the friend "seem to be fast. I knew, it might overtake it. It was the happy times not to know the competition.
 After having become a teacher, "is teacher ・・. for a student For the person who is slow in means of transportation, do not know how an athletic meet is painful; as for that is it; it remains in the impression to have been said. If it is an athletic meet to be seen in front of all, I will surely hate a figure left out. Of course an athletic meet included various items including the dance as well as a relay, but, as for my son, the exercise of the dance was painful, and the daughter loved a dance.
 At first, it wants to be in the place that the person liking exercise shows the power that people who are not so had from all God and can enjoy.

"A garden remodeling plan"

 I look at a garden and am thinking every day. Using at the time of interval or outside play waiting for a garden bus, I walk around the garden and there is what to do it or surrounds a more wonderful environment with a plan.
 There is the area well, too, and the garden of this garden is blessed with trees. I make use of them and aim at the environment that overflowed to the creature which children are pleased with. I check the state of other gardens and ask teachers an opinion.
"How about the pond? I think that I am pleased if there are a fish and a tortoise, a frog. I know the biotope!"
"But I will be in danger of the fall."
 Not only it is fun, but also the garden must be safe, and the space where there is an athletic meet is necessary and must be able to sometimes utilize it as a parking lot. It is one of the examination problems that a way disappears when it rains.
 I decided to cover the metal grating (cover of the grillwork of the drainage) around the garden with an exclusive brown rubber sheet this time. There seems to have been the example which fell down before here, and was hurt. Even if the rubber sheet is safe softly, and the water comes out of the small hole, soil or the leaf remain on the seat. Various leaves leave the outskirts with the playground equipment behind a big tree in the ground every season and seem to become the home of the insect. At first, I am going to make here a foothold of the improvement.

"Support is necessary even for a full-time homemaker"

 There was an opportunity to see the graph which checked a feeling of burden about the child care the other day. In the investigation, it was shown as expected that many mothers felt a feeling of burden more or less. What was left in the impression in particular is that a full-time homemaker feels a feeling of burden to be big.
 A nursery school is available to the families with work, and the full-time homemaker that there are children 3 years or older gets information of the child care in a kindergarten, and I find time to leave it with a child, and there is it. It thereby knows the full-time homemaker who cannot expect the support of the family well that a feeling of burden is felt without being able to belong to both a nursery school and a kindergarten if a feeling of burden is reduced.
 As there was much number of children, in the old days, there is a community is concerned with child care, and local, take care in a mass, feeling and thinks that people whom I can talk with in a big family were. I become the nuclear family, and time to face a child alone gets longer now as life became convenient.
 There is the class for children of 2 years old and 3 years old not to be called into question whether a protector sets to work at this garden. There was the role called preparations to be used to communal living little by little before entering a kindergarten, but it was uneasy and, from protectors, felt about child care, and the voice that it was hard to be had you concern about what you were troubled with together called at this class a lot. I cannot hold it for a child, and it turns out that a role to support a protector is demanded.

"The importance of hearing it"

 At gardens, children talk well every day. I hear it with effort, but, to be frank, do not often understand half well. Surely I think that this is because, after all, time to be in comparison with one and teachers lacking the world knowledge of children becoming the premise in charge is short.
 toshikkariunazukuyonihashiteimasu which "goes!" when I did not understand it well as he/she talks to such me hard. "I'm sorry. As he/she is doing it joyfully, I think that I consider a face while I actually consisted of shares well, and it is in to anxiety that it was good. I do not want comment and advice about the content that I spoke, and it turns out that I want you to hear it. When unteiya horizontal bar was done, at the time of outside play, I often receive "mitemitekougeki" from plural children saying "I look at the director teacher!".
 It may be more important, at first, to hear the story of the partner than one-sided advice based on own experience.

When "I get over it"

 At the time of morning going to kindergarten, it does not readily fit a figure to carry the child who cries, and says, "mother is good!" by force, and to take to the classroom. It is an annual function for kindergartner and protectors, but when a person not to know sees it, a kidnapper seems to abduct you at all and may be seen.
 There tends to become many it in the beginning of the new school term and the turning points such as the consecutive holidays, but seems to be different by the child during a timing and the period to feel such. When as look down, and is filled with tears at the time of outside play, stoop down, and ask you; "mother said and has been murmured with totsuburana eyes.
 Even if I do not go before I cry, a house who becomes hard to be separated from a person sees it well at the gate. It is a practiced thing and entrusts a teacher with the protector, and a figure is hidden quickly.
 As I am interested, mostly there is a figure playing happily with all afterwards when I go to see a state quietly in the classroom. There will be the individual differences, but thinks that it is time when you should let you get over it here.
 Still, it is enviable to have you say, "mother is good!" to there. It may be now.
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