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Education policy

The education that "a good old tradition" and "the needs of the times" harmonized with

Fukuyama Akenohoshi Kindergarten head Kazuya Hattori

"The hierarchy mixed education" is related between each, and, three pillar "Catholicism education" of this garden education, it is connected for the growth of children "montessori education".

I work on the reform that took in "the needs in the times" including the satisfying custody childcare system and English education until now while doing it on the basis of the same characteristic that I practiced more than 60 years.

In the Japanese society, power to accomplish what I was able to decide exactly quickly has been evaluated, but the power that thinks by oneself in the times when there is not the correct answer, and decides becomes important until now.

I bring up the power that it is when I support the montessori education when I do better way of life as a human being than social success. I find that I like putting it together of "Catholic education to find the mission that I received from God" and "the montessori education that it is possible and helps alone" and am connected for experience to cover failure while making trial and error and think that I bring up flexible power of restitution.

I want to practice the thing that I think that it is saying "oneself wanted to receive such an education.".

Will you not make child care together from now on in a star of the dawn?

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