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 From a question put to our garden, I place particularly many inquiries and the answer. Visit over an inquiry form or a telephone casually if you have any questions as well as the following contents.

Q&A (common question and answer)

1.The montessori education is ... quite for the first time
2.It is not a Christian believer, do you not mind it?
3.Please tell me the going to kindergarten means.
4.Are pickup and drop-off by privately-owned car possible?
5.Both parents work together, are they available for the garden life?
6.I heard that a parents' association activity was prosperous from the graduate. Is the participation great?
7.How long does the person proposing the order supply of food to come?
8.Does the English education do it in the kindergarten?
9.Please tell me after school about a classroom.
 An inquiry form is this
TEL. +81-84-923-4244
I look forward to the inquiry over the telephone
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