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2 years old, 3 years old class

 At this garden, I call 2 years old, a 3 years old class "a bud class". In the bud class, a garden meets a family with montessori education as a clue and walks it for the independence of children.
 In the room, I fix the attractive tool (montessori teaching tools) which a child can enjoy using a small hand and foot with pleasure.
 The children find own thing that I want to do in the environment and learn at own pace in various ways freely.
 The teacher watches the activity of the child warmly and does the appropriate support that was good for each one.

Childcare contents

・montessori work (work)
・The outside play, walk
・Music, exercises

A bud class introduction VTR is this

Annual event

★The first semester
 ・Parent and child excursion
 ・Playing in the water
 ・The Star Festival society
 ・Round-table conference
★The second semester 
 ・Sports Festa
 ・Picture exhibition
 ・Christmas society
★The third semester
 ・Round-table conference

Day of the bud class

■9:00~9:10 going to kindergarten
■9:10~ work
         (I stop by to montessori teaching tools
           Free choice work)
       Snacks (only as for the children of the morning childcare)
       Morning meeting
<the first stage> ①Group
Until, after the entering a kindergarten, is used to garden life; ...
■The end of the 10:30 childcare
<the second stage> ②Group
If garden life becomes fun; ...
■It is a meeting in 45~ morning 10
       Outside play
■11:30    koen
<the third stage> ③Group
I came to be able to do various things alone!
■It is 45~ outside play 10
          Activities such as music, the picture
■11:30    Lunch
■12:00 ...      1.2 term → Nap
       The third semester → Outside play
■13:00      Outfit  
           Back meeting
■13:30    koen
※1 groove → 2 groups → With 3 groups
 To the state of the child
I extend  time.
   A lunch begins if it becomes 3 groups.

Bud class summary

●Childcare day
From Monday to Friday
※There is the long-term rest of the summer, the winter season, the autumn
●Childcare time
Going to kindergarten
※The entry of privately-owned cars is possible
※As for the elder brother and elder sister of the living-in-garden, going to kindergarten is possible together
※The commuting to and from kindergarten depends on pickup and drop-off of the protector
※I can use the going to kindergarten bus if I reach 3 years old, but, in consideration of the development of personal life independence, the body, determine whether you can take it.
1 group 10:30
2 glue ㇷ゚11:30
3 groups 13:30
●Childcare charges
1 group
The 1,000 yen X going to kindergarten days
※When reach 3 years old; childcare charges free of becoming it become a target.
※I include the teaching materials costs, snacks charges, an energy bill in childcare charges.
In addition, miscellaneous expenses for the article purchase are needed at the time of entering a kindergarten.
2 groups
The 1,300 yen X going to kindergarten days
3 groups
The 1,500 yen X going to kindergarten days
Only 3 groups bring a lunch 
This time is time to acquire the basics of the meal.
It will serve lunches of the protector.

2023 bud class offer essential point

●The offer number of people
It was born in from April 2, 2020 to April 1, 2021
20 (there is ※ few excellent space)
●Reception desk
Please connect with a kindergarten if you would like to enter a kindergarten.
I accept the visit of the bud class at any time.
●Time in
From Saturday 10:00 of weekdays and the childcare day to 13:00
It depends on the interview of the director
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