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About the color ribbon wearing of the custody childcare user (ask)

To a custody user ribbon

(2023-11-13 ・ 353KB)

I decided to have a shoulder touch color ribbon to people using custody childcare in the same way as a bus user so that a child understood the means of the return well. For more details, please confirm it in an attached file.

News of "the fun lunch"

Guidance of the fun lunch

(2023-11-10 ・ 264KB)

In consultation with a supplier having you provide order lunch, I will do "the fun supply of food" of the all the members participation now. For more details, in an attached file, please confirm it.

Going to kindergarten method of the day of the culture lecture

Going to kindergarten method

(2023-09-02 ・ 243KB)

When I do not participate, I distribute it, and it is explained that I participate in a lecture.

Announcement of culture lecture

(2023-09-01 ・ 82KB)

I hold culture lecture hosted by a parents' association to 9/14. On this day, there is not the service of the morning garden bus, and it is in the parking lot, and a garden may be changed with usual. The person that the parking to the garden is hoped for comes to need the application for identification of parking. For more details, please confirm it in an attached file.

Information 2023.7.19 distribution of the round-table conference according to the school year

It is the announcement of round-table conference according to the grade planning in 8/28-8/30 that is in the latter half of summer vacation. I distribute it to 7/19, but publish it as the absent person is broken. Please inflect.

About pool childcare

I tell you about a plan of pool childcare from 7/3 to 7/10. On a day to begin a pool, please let me know temperature and participation, the nonparticipation by application.

Guidance of the contact childcare

Guidance of the contact childcare

(2023-06-02 ・ 410KB)

It is a guide of 6/18 contact childcare. The ground of the senior secondary school becomes the parking lot on that day. As there is the guidance map, please confirm it.

[important] Announcement of temporary closure of Friday, June 2, 2023

 I will close it temporarily with yoshochuko tomorrow because the forecast of a heavy rain more than 20mm/h or the heavy rain appears in the daytime, and the submergence of the road, the flooding of the river, the service stop of means of transportation are expected.
 A classroom or the custody are called off, too, and I apologize for the inconvenience, but understanding and the cooperation, please after school as it is measures to make security have top priority.

About 1/25 going to kindergarten

 Influence snowy than yesterday was worried about, but 1/25 performs usual childcare today. But, depending on each residential area and transportation, it is thought when going to kindergarten is difficult. As taking a rest under the influence of the snow does not become handled as absence, please let me know by contact application. Please judge it from Safety First not to make any unreasonableness.
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