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Voice of the protector

 At this garden, I carry out "a garden life satisfaction questionnaire" in around December. It is a purpose that knows the current situation of the garden that you saw with the eyes of the protector to be able to make this garden a more attractive kindergarten.
 The count result is released to personnel and keeps it alive when I make a plan of the next fiscal year.
 I had you write it by a free description and, here, publish (voice of the 2022 living-in-garden person) separately from the item which had you evaluate it with five phases.

"I can approve of it about childcare contents."

 Thank you for having you always see it carefully. I come under influence that it is good for an older child and I feel a good point of the hierarchy childcare to come to be able to contact with a younger child with consideration kindly every day and am. (protector of the young girl)
 I experience friend and idle pleasure, satisfaction to achieve something together, power to do oneself by oneself, young sanninatte variously some other time and amazing growth is seen and is glad with a couple. (protector of the young girl)

 I make use of the wonderful place of children, and selection of music, selection of program are done, and sports Festa and the announcement of the Christmas society are fantastic, too. (protector of the girl during the year)

"I go home and make the talk of the garden better."

 It becomes the favorite place for own child more than a house and seems to love last friend loving it live. I thank teachers making the environment to be able to go to in peace. (protector of the girl during the year)
 I see the figure of the daughter talking about the event that there was and the thing that I knew newly happily today and feel that I cannot leave a star kindergarten in dawn as a parent in peace even after returning to the house. (protector of the young girl)

"I can entrust you to a teacher in peace."

 It is by little, but it is considerate, and, in it having come to be possible "to think by oneself, and to act", teachers think that they contribute to the fact that they have you call. (protector of the young boy)
 A behavior and the action of the child feel growth very much recently. It is a daughter looking forward to going to the kindergarten, but that thinks that the teachers of the garden contribute to the fact every day, too. (protector of the young girl)

 It is founded from the end-to-end of the behavior that various warm words that I received from teachers become the big encouragement of the son. (protector of the boy during the year)
 I watch a child carefully and have a lot of that you are able to think together for appreciation in teachers concerned with how stouthearted you are. (protector of the elder boy)

"A parent having work is reliable."

 I did an officer this year. I appreciate that I approve of reform to help you while working and cooperated. For a working together home, tell him/her about having been able to welcome such a reform very much by all means. (protector of the young boy)
 Time of the job ceases to be sharpened and, for working mother, is spared what kids club can use in custody childcare by pickup and drop-off of lessons very much very gratefully. (protector of the young girl)

 I did not think that I could let a child go to the kindergarten actually while continuing working. I have you take good care including custody in various ways, and thank you for your it. Calm, gentle teachers are longed-for existence of the daughter. (protector of the elder girl)

"I support reform to the needs of the times."

 I think the administration that the needs including the kids club had to be considered to be it. I think that digitization or introduction of the application are very good!
 I thank that I have you do your best while there are always various families very much. I hope to become the better administration along the needs of the times. (protector of the young girl)

 I am glad that the state of the garden becomes known with various events or blog very much. Paper replies advance more and more from this year and are saved as a parent. (protector of the young girl)
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