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After school a classroom (kids club)

 At this garden, I carry out C.E. and montessori education as universal education not to change in the times to diversify either. On the other hand, about increasing a skill to be required in the new times, there seem to be constant needs.
 Therefore on the condition that a trouble do not appear for administration of the custody with the thing which is possible in a thing fitting the education policy of the garden, the thing which some applicant can expect, the facilities in the garden after school of following two planned in a lecture after school.

English class

Juvenile - age length around 20 people in total
In the case of a lot of applicants, I am given priority to by an elder.
I get used to an English sound and bring up 4 skills of accepted a grade with the text according to the school year, I hear, talk, I read, writing it.

Programming classroom

Always elder ...  
It is Wednesday twice a month
I get used to the digital world including computery and the way of thinking.
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