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School life

Through the various school events including the religion event, I learn many things.
I stare at the self and develop a thought, a rich view of the world about the life.
School year
School events
Middle and high schools
Grade event
One year
(average 1)
・The Holy Mother month
・Athletic meet

・School festival
・Memorial festival bazaar

・Memorial service
・Student general meeting
・The Advent

・Christmas society
・Christmas homage

・Student council attendance speech meeting
・English official approval

・Farewell party

・Extended student morning gathering
(the inside) a chorus contest

・(the inside) a speech contest

・On-site training made with a friend
Two years
(average 2)
・School camping trip
・Career plan 2
Three years
(average 3)
・Career plan 3
Four years
(high 1)
・English in Action

・It is a speech contest (high)
・School excursion in Canada
Five years
(high 2)
・Posture of contemplation Kiyoharu society
・Transmission type of the light
Six years
(high 3)
・Transmission type of the light
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