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The principal greetings

The principal
"Autonomy" "jiima" "life, generosity (consideration), feeling of thankfulness"

 Is concerned with a new coronavirus infectious disease sixth wave now; "prevention of spread the emphasis measures" were canceled, but, in Fukuyama-shi, as for the number of the infected people, the situation of the hovering high still continues. In last year, is great for our everyday life and school education; affected it, and cancellation and the reduction of each school events including the memorial festival bazaar were held, and was forced by changes to the enforcement of the foreign countries school excursion. It seems to be one year to judge it carefully such as school events while standing on the trend of the infectious disease in this year.
 In addition, the invasion in Russia in Ukraine plunges people desiring peace of the world into fear and anxiety. In the Hiroshima parish, "joint prayer to dedicate Russia and Ukraine to the Holy Mother, and to wish for peace" was carried out on March 25. Load it with a request, "can regain the days when is involved in war continuing in Ukraine, and a hand of the support that is necessary for people forced to life as an evacuee in unbearable pain and anxiety is held out, and is peaceful." in our school, "Ukraine humanitarian support is raising funds.
 On 16th, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 occurred in Miyagi, Fukushima in March, and the Shinkansen derailed, and more than 2.2 million houses were hit by a blackout, and the holy life of four people was robbed of it, and an injured person appeared a lot. I will guess that all of you suffered from by the Great East Japan Earthquake are uneasy with a white night having been spent for fear.
 Based on such situation, I give the following prayer.
 "You look back upon a fight and violence happening all over the world, all people who died for new coronavirus infectious diseases again, and please give me everlasting sabbath. In addition, please support the bereaved who lose close people, and are at a loss with comfort, hope to live."

 Well, for the postwar confusion period, four sisters do the next fortune from France, and our school is the Catholic school where I drop one kind through indescribable many difficulties and trouble in the ground of this Fukatsu who was a one side wheat field in a country different in a language, manners and customs, a custom, the culture and was founded a school.
 "Most necessary one for present Japan was founded a school by mind of the study-based for the education of the woman who carried the cause, the future of the strong faith that was girl education" by "Women for Others" (upbringing of the woman living for others), and ticked away history in 1974 until today, and, as for the number of the graduates, it was a little over 10,000.
 The graduate who left our school plays an active part in not only Japan but also all parts of the world as politics, economy, broadcast, the center of the field to further cross to many divergences such as medical care, a judicial officer, a bureaucrat, education, art until now.
 It is stated the Pope, "the wonderful gift called the life is the present which we were given for the first time." until now. We will promote education from now on while succeeding to the mission as the Catholic school flowing ceaselessly about the importance of an important life given, the irreplaceable life.

 It is at the generation that the high school student survives the times for life 100 years in the present, and builds the foundation of the 22nd century, and it is at a generation to play an active part in Society5.0 (super smart society) which a country promotes. AI continued growing up drastically now and was developed and came to be felt extremely close in our life. It is said that society adding to the degree of the confusion in the times when it is hard to predict it comes from now on. Promotion of the education that put an emphasis in not only the knowledge skill but also "intellectual power, judgement, power of expression that can support the unknown situation" "power, human nature to go to learn" is demanded to survive such times. I promote the education based on the new course of study in the high school from this year and will plan fixation of these power.
 Furthermore, the United Nations advocates 17 sustainable development target (SDGs) and appeals for a universal action to allow all people to enjoy peace and the richness for the achievement until 2030. The news about SDGs do even TV or a newspaper frequently and is becoming immediate recently. In our school, I utilize time for general learning (research) sequentially and develop research activities to affect SDGs and will promote learning to modify the action that there are oneself.
 A degree, the new university entrance exam common test were started the year before last. In English, the allocation of points ratio of the listening became the reading at 1:1, and a large change such as the ratio that the issue of sound answered it by conventional hearing from the second only to one time in question becoming higher was done among other things. I will continue polite and smooth instruction while snuggling up to each one for the realization of the dream of the student with the quick and precise correspondence to such a change and the new overall pattern selection, school recommendation type selection, a general entrance examination.
 In addition, new subject "information I" will be added from a common test of January, 2025 when a current tenth grader faces the university entrance exam. For national language 90 minutes, mathematics ② added "mathematics C" to "mathematics II, mathematics B", and the change such as doing time for 70 minutes was shown by a point of view to show a variety of sentences to. With improvement of instruction such as the new subjects based on the high school new course of study carried out from this year, the response to new entrance examination is essential, too.
 Based on such a change, I plan enhancement of the linguistic education to become the base of the subject learning and will promote the online English conversation with the lecturer at online interchange, foreigner with the student of Villa Maria College of the effective learning, New Zealand using the tablet.
 In addition, I will teach it to students to acquire three next power (power of EGG) by experience sequentially.
 ● Empathy (power to sympathize)
 ● Grit (power to carry out)
 ● Growth (the power that I continue learning)

 Our school education target of this year did "autonomy" "ji now" (mix) saying "I bring up a life, generosity (consideration), a feeling of thankfulness". "jiima" of the last year increased "autonomy" if "I brought up a life, generosity, a feeling of thankfulness".
 I will bring up students overflowing with "the consideration" for others and the feeling of "thanks" while living in time (moment) called "jiima" namely now carefully as well as last year simply because it is the inside where normal everyday life does not always go as we want, and valuing a life. There is no bullying, and everybody sends school life with a smile brightly well and, in this, is convinced that it is on the star in dawn to be able to draw power and possibility to have enough. "I think by oneself and I feature the theme of power namely "autonomy" to act by oneself and want to promote individual growth to achieve these aims in this year. 
 I bring up "a life, generosity, a feeling of thankfulness" while an each person's student thinking by oneself, and acting, and valuing an instant in an instant called now, and sending school life and would like "warmth" and "the gentleness" in this year as I will teach it so that it is in an overflowing school.
April 1, 2022
Fukuyama Akenohoshi girl's junior and senior high school
The principal Onoda civilization

The teaching of a happy person and the Bible to affect "jiima" "life" "generosity" "thanks" is as follows.
 Demand it, and is given if do so; look for it, and is found if do so
 Come to study, and the person demanding it finds anyone who is opened if I do so
 It is opened to a person coming to study
(Gospel seven chapters seven sections by Matthew)

 "I am a traveler passing hastily. Not the past and the future, it is to make every possible effort at the current moment."
(happy person Mary Therese de subiran…Support Maria monastic order founder)
 "We can live "now" only at this moment. It is important to live in time carefully "now" simply because it is (omission)
(the written by Shunmyo Masuno PHP library who "is simple, and lives calmly")

 "You go away from evil without closing lips without loving lives, and the person who wants to spend happy days winning a tongue, and saying evil, and talking about a falsehood and perform good and pray for peace, and pursue this. The eyes of the master are poured by a right person, and the ear of the master is devoted to their prayer. The face of the master is turned for an evildoer."
(letter first three chapters 10-12 of petoro)

 As you are chosen as God and are considered to be a sacred person and are loved, mind, affection, modesty of the pity are gentle, and bring generosity in the body. You meet in secret each other, and forgive me even if you should blame him. As a master forgave you, work as you in the same way. In addition to these all, put on love in the body. The love is a bond to complete all.
(letter three chapters 12-14 to a believer of the Colossians)
 "Make that you think that you want you to make people people." (Luke six chapters 31)

 Be always pleased. Pray consistently. Appreciate anything. This is what God expects from you in Christ Jesus.            
(letter one five chapters 16-18 to a believer of the Thessalonians)
 In addition, poetry called (Susumu Kono) "putting" the front entrance of our school on the place where I entered is handwriting and is admitted.
 In a hand of the dissatisfaction
 How is a big alms ridden?
 I will look small small
 In the hand of thanks
 How is a small alms ridden?
 I will greatly look big
  A heart looks not eyes

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