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Principal greetings

The principal
Principal greetings
 A Happy New Year.
 In the principal school, Soma Suzuki carried out the commemorative concert by Ren Iwasaki both of them in a ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the foundation on Saturday, October 20, last year and commemorative mass by Hiroshima parish Mitsuru Shirahama Catholic priest each on Saturday, November 17.
 For the postwar confusion period, four sisters did the next fortune from the French support Maria society and, in a country different in manners and customs, a custom, the culture, dropped one kind through indescribable much difficulty and trouble in the ground of this Fukatsu who was a one side wheat field.
 It was founded a school by mind of the study-based for the education of the woman who carried the cause, the future of the strong faith that it was "female education that was the most necessary for present Japan" by "Women for Others" (upbringing of the woman living for others) and ticked away the history until today.
 I receive education based on mind of the-based study of the principal school and, besides, as for graduates who left the nest, am played an active part in not only Japan but also the world as the center of the field to cross to many divergences such as medical care, a judicial officer, a bureaucrat, education, art the economic world and the broadcast industry.
 In this year, it will tick away the history as such a Catholic school flowing ceaselessly and the history that promotes education while succeeding to a tradition well, and is new.
 Society adding to the degree of the confusion comes, and, as for the coming times, it is said that uncertainty comes to accelerate by a scientific technological change by the expansion of AI and IoT. The human resources who worked well, and could make it based on a manual early exactly were demanded in distribution, a consumption system in large quantities until now. Fixed form duties and the repetition work are performed a substitution of by AI, and it is said that an environmental problem by the mass disposal of the energy and a poor problem worsen from now on.
 It is the generation that I am more likely to live in until 2100 and makes the 22nd century, and a high school student out of one of this is students living in the 22nd century.
 Therefore, it is demanded that the knowledge skill puts an important point in the "intellectual power, judgement, power of expression that can support the unknown situation" "power, human nature to leave to learn" from the start and promotes the education of the student. Let alone the correspondence to the new university entrance exam started in 2020, I will act as the degree of technology, the confusion that continues progressing at an increasing tempo for upbringing of the increasing woman to survive vigorously who is got over while facing various difficulty and dilemmas while social.
 In addition, about implication of "the generosity" of "bringing up a heart performing of generosity" that it is education target of this year of the principal school, Father Takeuchi of the Sophia University professor is faithfulness for another person. Or I told that there were the love that yes talked about by words deep at all that I could regard as consideration from true heart to another person who appeared and the thing which overlapped.
 This sign is a thing based on the mind of the-based study of the principal school, but, in complicated society in the future, is a heart to want you to have as a person carefully at all.
 Extracted "the meaning of the act" of Shoji Miyazawa, and summarized it; though "nobody can see "the heart", see "the heart trainer". I cannot see "the thought", and there is a famous phrase to be seen to anyone as for "the consideration", but this poetry is bound together as follows.
 It is for a warm warmhearted act
 When plain thought becomes the easy act
 Both <heart> and <thought> are valid beautifully for the first time
 -----it is that a person lives as a person
 I get the action that understood implication of "the generosity", and an each person's student would like "a warm act" and "the act easy for you" sequentially in this year as I will teach it so that it is in an overflowing school. 
Fukuyama Akenohoshi girl's junior and senior high school
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