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The principal greetings

The principal
The star of the dawn snuggles up to the growth of the student and moves forward together.

 For the postwar confusion period, four sisters of the French Catholic convent "support Maria monastic order" got down on the ground of Fukuyama in order to bring new education in Japan which went to ruin after the war. Created our school piled up the history for 76 years aiming at upbringing of mind "Women for Others" of the-based study (woman living for others) in this way until today.

 The essence of the education that our school aims at is a heart of "the consideration". "Keep getting along with each other in each other faithful to trust oneself to God with Maria; the mind of school mottos called service" consoles others and is practiced for the first time by polishing oneself. I want to bring up such a student whom I think about what there is, and oneself can practice to solve many problems to make people growing powerful in the world sad. That is our wish.

 Child, students who are going to push forward learning from now on. What kind of person will everybody want to become in the future? For people, I should want to contribute for society what it is. However, there will be many people who hesitate without being able to finish still deciding which field oneself should play an active part in. Let's discover own way where we should advance to while we stare at the self in a star of the dawn and we learn together and grow up. The star of the dawn snuggles up to the growth of everybody and supports it with every effort.

"God, please greatly widen my heart. In your love, let me surround the whole world" 
Support Maria monastic order founder Mary Therese de subiran

April 1, 2024
Fukuyama Akenohoshi girl's junior and senior high school
Principal Shinichi Tokunaga
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