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Bullying prevention basic policy

School bullying prevention basic policy

Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' junior and senior high school

Article 1 purpose

   On the basis of the purpose of the preventive measures against bullying promotion method (2013 law 71st), I establish a basic policy for all students and staff of a school to wrestle for the making of environment without the bullying.

Approach based on an idea of the Article 2 foundation

   The principal school is the Catholic school which assumes Christianity mind a base and aims at valuing student each one based on a basic idea to "be the irreplaceable existence that all human beings are Aiko of God, and was made in the shape of God". Every activity is modelled after Christ's way of life based on sense of values of Christ and is performed and pursues that students accomplish true personal growth in love and an atmosphere of justice, freedom and the peace.
   It is sincere and declares that I wrestle for the prevention, a solution of the bullying here without concealing it based on this basic idea without leaving bullying facing the issue of bullying that a student faces.

Guideline for Article 3

  1. I do this policy with a guideline of the correspondence of the case whole thought that the correspondence based on this policy is appropriate regardless of whether the problem that the student faces corresponds to bullying.
  2. When I stand on the social fact to be possible in various scenes of the social cohabitation in the correspondence based on this policy while bullying is serious human rights violations and perform society cohabitation without a student using a method called the bullying based on the idea of the preceding article in the future, and there is it for bullying damage again, I decide primarily to think about education to touch the power that can demand support appropriately.

Duty of the Article 4 school

  1. As for the school and the staff of a school, all students have the instruction that is necessary for this adequately and quickly and a duty supporting for prevention of the bullying and early detection in the whole school while planning the protector of the student registered at the principal school, area inhabitants, child consultation center and others and cooperation to wrestle for learning or other activities in peace in environment without the bullying when I wrestle, and it is thought that a student to be registered at receives bullying.
  2. The rule of the foregoing paragraph does not exempt you from a duty of a school about the correspondence to a student facing difficulty by a reason except the bullying and the staff of a school, and a school and the staff of a school have necessary instruction and a duty supporting regardless of a name of the difficulty that the student faces.

Correspondence for the people concerned such as the Article 5 bullying

  1. For the people concerned such as the bullying, I keep educational correspondence in mind with the goal of each being able to finally send school life in peace.
  2. For the protector of the people concerned such as the bullying, I exchange information appropriately and do cooperation, support necessary to achieve the purpose of the foregoing paragraph.

Measures organizations such as the prevention of Article 6 bullying

  1. I torment it, and, about the approaches such as the prevention, a bullying prevention committee has jurisdiction over it. The bullying prevention committee constitutes it with the principal, aide principal, a student instruction manager, Deputy Manager student instruction, Manager school affairs, Manager vocational counseling, the manager of General Affairs Department, a chief editor teacher.
  2. The president can establish the extended meeting about measures such as the prevention of bullying that increased staff of a school, school counselor such as school nurses concerned, school's legal adviser as needed.

Approach of measures organizations such as the prevention of Article 7 bullying

  1. The organization fixing it for a preceding article performs measures necessary to carry out the following approaches for the prevention of the bullying.
    I work on periodical enlightenment for the mischief throughout the life
    Periodical investigation for two students
    The training for nature improvement of three staff of a school
    Periodical information exchange with four school nurses
    Necessary matter for the prevention, the correspondence of five others bullying
  2. The president must report foregoing paragraph notorikumino contents and a result to the board of directors more than once a year.

Correspondence for the Article 8 bullying

  1. When there are circumstances to doubt existence of the bullying for the student of the principal school, the staff of a school whom I noticed is in charge and reports it, and the class teacher reports it to Chief school year promptly, and Chief class teacher, school year reports it to Manager student instruction. I report it to an administrator at the same time. In addition, I hold school year society and report it to the school year group and discuss the correspondence that there is in a school year corps.
  2. When the student instruction manager should doubt the bullying for the student of the principal school by the report of the foregoing paragraph and grasps circumstances, an investigation necessary for instruction to support Chief class teacher, school year gives other responses. At this stage, I hold a bullying prevention committee and report it and discuss correspondence.
  3. The student instruction manager performs necessary instruction and support for the person concerned on the basis of the findings of the foregoing paragraph continuously. I report it to the bullying prevention committee appropriately and discuss it as needed.
  4. The student instruction manager requests the principal for an extended meeting as needed.
    In addition, I demand an information sharing and the common understanding, consciousness of guiding principles and the unification of the action at a staff meeting.

Coping to an Article 9 serious matter state

  1. When the circumstances that should doubt the outbreak of the serious matter state exist on the basis of a purpose of preventive measures against bullying promotion method Article 28, the principal decides to report it immediately for the board of directors and education section of the prefecture.
  2. The school to a serious matter state get the cooperation of the expert of police or other related organizations and a law, the welfare, the psychology as needed, and do it on coping, and is appropriate and quick; decide to cope.

Article 10 revision

I always perform reviews, and this policy decides to revise it to a more appropriate thing to achieve the purpose.

Additional clause

The Article 1 book basic policy has effect from October 20, 2014.
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