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Education philosophy

Education philosophy
Star girl Junior High School of Akira Fukuyama, the high school,
It is a Catholic parochial school establishing a base in the Christian mind.
It is existence loved by God, and the human being takes the view of human being to be siblings each other and,
I develop the ability that an each person's student is given in perfection,
I aim at bringing up "a person of the love" who can keep a self alive for the happiness of others.

School mottos

●With Maria
 After the fashion of gentleness and humility of the Maria, I move forward for the completion as the woman.
●I am trusted by God
 I receive all on thanks as a blessing and move forward with trust and hope powerfully.
●I am faithful for oneself
 Like Son of God, I move forward as a human being like oneself faithfully.
●I get along with each other each other
 A star of the dawn is one big family who can realize what "each one is loved, and is valued".
●I advance and serve it
 I share the blessing that God gave to me with the people of the circumference and I advance and serve it.

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 Ⅰ. Feeling of self-affirmation Self-esteem
   The school which values a life, and brings up each student with love and respect
 Ⅱ. Intellectual Intelligence
   The school which brings up joy to learn, and raises an independent autonomy-like learning manner
 Ⅲ. Collaboration, service Servant Leadership
   With a large field of vision, I bunt Sir to build the peace while collaborating with others
   The school which brings up a leader
Textile - textile ...
 It means "a textile, cloth". The etymology comes from "it was woven" of the Latin. Traditions of the star of the dawn are continued always weaving newly without a break towards the future. Wheatear and a star enter the school badge of the principal school. I was led to the star of the Maria from the beginning of foundation and I trusted it to God and wove the textile called the star of the dawn together.
 Three pieces of tiles which formed a line like an arrow were taken from the big tile of the 1.2 floor corridor of the school building. At the time of school construction, French sisters of the founder felt special and made the corridor of the tiling of this dark red. There was the woman nitoiu thought that a feeling and a heart to want to make the important place as the place where people came across were warm.
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