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Education philosophy

Our school is a Catholic parochial school establishing a base in the Christian mind.
It is existence loved by God, and the human being stands in the outlook on human being to be siblings each other and it is perfect and stretches out the ability that an each person's student is given and aims at bringing up "people who can make use of self for the happiness of others in love".

School mottos

With Maria
●With Maria
 After the fashion of gentleness and humility of Maria, I move forward for the completion as the woman.
●I am trusted by God
 I receive all on thanks as a blessing and move forward with trust and hope powerfully.
●I am faithful for oneself
 Like Son of God, I move forward as a human being like oneself faithfully.
●I get along with each other each other
 A star of the dawn is one big family who can realize what "each one is loved, and is valued".
●I advance and serve it
 I share the blessing that I received from God with the people of the circumference and I advance and serve it.

Characteristic of the education

All-round education
All human beings are beloved children of God and, based on Christianity mind to be an irreplaceable created in the shape of God, aim at all personal development of student each one. I value that I bring up a woman of the love to live for the happiness of others together while learning way of life or the way of thinking as the woman from the Virgin Mary.
English education
Since foundation, I concentrate power on English education. This is because it thinks that an important tool for students living in global society to understand it with people having a variety of backgrounds is English. I lay emphasis on upbringing of dispatch demanded in the coming times, the power of expression after having trained vocabulary, grammar to lay the foundation of the English ability in our school English department.
Research type education
The research activity of our school values "a process of the learning" to repeat the emission thought and a convergence thought. Therefore the seed of interest interest, the question of the student germinates by project type learning to feature the theme of a life, the welfare, peace, international freely. I arrange it and express own thought with a thought tool necessary for PBL, and, as for the experience to collaborate with a friend, and to create the work, it is an anchor when I open up a course.

... Akenohoshi Vision

Ⅰ. Feeling of self-affirmation Self-esteem
 The school which values a life, and brings up each student with love and respect
Ⅱ. Intellectual Intelligence
 The school which brings up joy to learn, and raises an independent autonomy-like learning manner
Ⅲ. Collaboration, service Servant Leadership
 The school which brings up Sir leader bunting it who builds the peace while collaborating with others with a large field of vision
Textile - textile ...
 That means "a textile, cloth". The etymology comes from "it was woven" of the Latin. Traditions of the star of the dawn are continued always weaving newly without a break towards the future. Three pieces of tiles which formed a line like an arrow were taken from the big tile of the 1.2 floor corridor of the school building. At the time of school construction, the French sisters of the founder felt special and made the corridor of the tiling of this dark red. There was the woman nitoiu thought that a feeling and a heart to want to make the important place as the place where people came across were warm.

Education target

 I added it to the "life" that the Bible told "generosity" (the permission) "thanks" and raised it with the goal of "sympathy" (ability to put own body in the situation of the person if there is a suffering person, and to understand a pain and pains, a feeling, and to be able to share). I value a life while bringing up important power to sympathize in learning it while collaborating with a variety of people, and what I do on the star in dawn overflowing in the students who can contact with "consideration" (generosity) and the feeling of "thanks" for others is the implication of the aim "sympathy" in this year "life, generosity, feeling of thankfulness". And I will bring up three next power to do it on the star in the dawn when I can show enough each person's ability while everybody sends school life with a smile brightly.
 ● Empathy (power to sympathize)
 ● Grit (power to carry out)
 ● Growth (the power that I continue learning)

Principal Shinichi Tokunaga

18-year-old profile

With the profile of the star of the dawn, I expressed a concrete figure to expect from the student who left a high school at 18 years old.
●It comes to turn out, "it is the important existence that I am loved.".
● Power to make use of a posture to learn and the scholastic ability that I acquired in grows up.
● Power building the rich relation grows up.
● I acquire a heart to serve and power to practice.
● I acquire a posture to always pursue growth of the self.
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