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English education (4 skills)

 Global education 
<a certain characteristic English education and practical English activity>
 Since foundation of 1949, I concentrate power on English education. All the members advocate acquisition target of the Eiken second grade by the Eiken third grade, an eleventh grader by a ninth grader and carry out campus examination in the whole school. Furthermore, in first grade at a high school and two years, all the members take an entrance examination for GTEC for Students, and the English growth rate of one year is appreciated every year. In addition, I bring up practical command of English while understanding a cultural background in English class "GU" (global under standing) of the principal school original which a native speaker instructs.
 In addition, I carry out "English in Action Contest" on campus in the high school, and students announce English full of life every year "Communication Contest" at the junior high school.
 Overseas training program 
<international exchange, cross-cultural experience>
 As an opportunity to widen a heart to the world, a training trip to Germany started in December, 2018. I visit a church and the art museum and become the substantial contents including the interchange with the G gene Bach chorus. In addition, I carry out the interchange with the villa Maria college school in the New Zealand continuously every year.
 By the school excursion of the tenth grader, I visit Canada Vancouver, and all the members deepen cross-cultural communication by the homestay experience of 3 days and 2 nights or the training according to the group.
 GU -Global Understanding- 
 The English conversation class by the foreign teacher who calls it G.U. in a principal school aims at the acquisition of the practical conversation while understanding a cultural society-like background. The interchange with the foreign student is prosperous, too.
 WE -World Englishes- 
 I started "online English conversation" in 2018 targeting at applicants. From 2019, all the students of the fifth grader carry it out from a third grader during class in earnest. It is "Online English conversation lesson" to be connected to the overseas lecturer while being in the classroom. The approach to the situation of the student who can do it simply because it is one to one is precise and exchanges it happily at all. I actually use what I learned by an everyday class in OST and wrestle for English learning forward while feeling "coming" joy.

About official approval

It is ... with the Eiken

An official name is called "practical English skill official approval" and is carried out three times a year, the number of the annual examinees is approximately 2,300,000 English certification examinations the largest domestically. It is detected widely in social various scenes including an entrance examination kind treatment and the unit authorization at the university.
Association of English official approval in Japan is a public interest incorporated foundation moving into action for the training of the English ability through business such as enforcement of the Eiken or the issuance of publication.

It is ... with GTEC

Can measure growth of the command of English continuously, is score type 4 skill official approval of "write it" "talking" "reading" "hearing it".
2017 the number of the annual total of examinees approximately 1,020,000 people (with possibility). Enforcement by the score alone type official approval (I include 3 skill examinees).
I know the command of English with concrete score and can utilize official score for the university entrance exam.

It was chosen as five whole country by Eiken in 2017!

Saturday, March 26, 2018
Yellowtail tissue
 Representative Prize to Japan (part of the group)
     I won this!
This prize is given the group which was the highest in an acquisition rate of the Eiken. A star of the dawn was chosen by one school in five whole country.

The 2017 Eiken pass situation (March, 2018 findings)

At the junior high school, most students achieve an aim! An achievement rate greatly rises from last year!

The second grade
The associate second grade
The third grade
The fourth grade
The fifth grade
Accomplishment rate
Of last year
Accomplishment rate
Five years (high 2)
28 people
36 people
17 people
Three people
0 people
Four years (high 1)
15 people
39 people
20 people
Five people
0 people
Three years
Three people
44 people
36 people
Five people
0 people
Two years
11 people
48 people
20 people
Three people
One year
0 people
Five people
19 people
27 people
※ Pass target of each school year
  ・Five years (high 2): The second grade
  ・Four years (high 1): The associate second grade
  ・Three years    : The third grade
  ・Two years    : The fourth grade
  ・One year    : The fifth grade
Before five years (high 2), there is the associate first grade acquisitor, too!
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