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Main designated school recommendation (2018)

List of main designated school and Catholic school recommendation entrance examinations

 Gakushuin University
 Sophia University
[Catholic high school target special entrance examination]
 University of the Sacred Heart  Chuo University
 Tokyo Woman's Christian University  Tokyo University of Agriculture
 Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences  Tokyo University of Science
 Meiji University  Rikkyo University
 Waseda University  St. Marianna University School of Medicine
 Nanzan University
[high school recommendation entrance examination of Roman Catholic line]
 Doshisha University
 Ritsumeikan University  Kansei Gakuin University
 Kobe College
[targeted for a Christianism school]
 Kobe Pharmaceutical University
 Mukogawa Women's University
 Notre Dame Seishin University
[Catholic school system of admitting students into colleges upon the recommendations of high school presidents system]
119 universities [more than 530 recommendation frames] in total
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