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The question that Q&A is common in

About a common question

From a question sent to the principal school, I place particularly many inquiries and the answer. If you have any questions, visit over a telephone as well as the following contents.

Question about the school life

By when do you attend school in the morning?
Till when can the child stay at the school?
Until what time is the child club (I take charge of a child after school) of the light?
How are there many children commuting to and from school?
Is there the school bus?
Is there the lunch?
Is there the class on Saturday?
How becomes the correspondence as the school at the time of the disaster?

Question about education contents

Please tell me about English education of the Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school.
Are English and special learning necessary before entrance to school?
How is there the follow on the learning side?

Question about an entrance examination, the admission

Does the entrance examination need any preparations? In addition, what kind of test do you give?
Is the man and woman ratio of the offer child set?
What should the clothes at the time of the entrance examination do?
It is written a protector interview, should a couple keep in the interview? . What kind of thing are you asked about?
Is there the halfway admission?

About school briefing session open school

Can only elder children participate in a school briefing session or the public class?
May I take a child?
Is there the parking lot?


Please tell me the main course of the graduate.
How long is a protector concerned with a school?
Can you actually enter it in the short term from the foreign countries?
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