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"A garden life satisfaction questionnaire"

A December, 2022 enforcement "garden life satisfaction questionnaire"

Count 2022 of the questionnaire(2023-02-16・400KB)

 I carry out the garden life satisfaction questionnaire in the purpose that I can make a more attractive kindergarten.
 I had you evaluate the current situation of the garden that you saw with the eyes of the protector with five phases for 18 items in total.
 I am in particular mainly on the evaluation about the following point.
  ○Full degree about the basic policy of this garden
  ○Evaluation to what I worked on newly this year
 I summarize the questionnaire result in a table and, including the sentence by the individual free description, have personnel see it. When I make a plan of the next fiscal year, I make use.
 It is that it does not make decision by majority simply, to have independence of will again as an academy, a garden that want to value while I examine a questionnaire result and consider. Along a tradition and a theme of the harmony of the innovation, I want to make garden life the one which was correct in the needs of the times at the same time when I do not lose an important part.

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