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Story of the principal

The third semester opening ceremony address
 A Happy New Year.
 As for the Bible that Mr. Yamaji was read aloud some time ago, "joy and thanks" become the theme in Section 5 from Section 1 of poem 100.
 I thank everybody and thing, God made the first new age in the times of Reiwa and feel big joy in this way.
 There was nice news at the beginning of the New Year. Third graders applied for the part of the 21st NHK whole country haiku meeting youth. The work of everybodies many with a prize very big for our school a choice informed it that was designated unofficially as being selected. For details, I look forward to and want to wait as it seems to be announced in the end of January.
 Furthermore, the brook yukisanno determination of the fourth grader who participates in a national convention of notebook Koshien today, everybody, of the track and field club is published in yesterday's Chugoku Shimbun-sha.
 In addition, while a third grader led you, junior high students of the guitar mandolin region which participated in West Japan excellence school eisteddfod played it in solidarity and, during this rest, shined in excellence Prize. Chihiro Yamazaki of the third grader who participated as a member of the Beijing education visit group took the important role of representative of visit group greetings when he left the field, and he seemed to be praised highly by the wonderful greetings that made full use of Chinese that I learned in a short time very much when it was the student who was splendid from China. Furthermore, second graders who played an active part in the Fukuyama district Junior High School new face relay road race as a school all-star representative, Coe loss terlah that showed a singing voice at a hospital think with a valuable experienced thing. It was a start to overflow in the feeling of thanks by the achievement of such everybody if it brought great pleasure in the first New Year in the times of Reiwa.
 What kind of determination would everybody hold?
 Many everybodies participated in a national convention on exercise culture both sides, and they were the age that was able to realize growth very much last year.
 There are a person and the department which have already decided participation to a national convention and will be that it is at the year when I can expect achievement to win fame in the whole country this year.
 While I thank everybody, I bring up a heart of a life, the generosity, and each one continues challenging it by reliable security so that it is in the school which can show power enough.
 And I decide it so that everybody does it at the school which can be proud of being tsu tteirukoto, a graduate to our school.
 The Pope first visit to Japan who featured the theme of "to save it to follow all commands" of the last year in 38 years gave us an opportunity to think about a life and dignity of the peace some other time. There are words of the Pope to "be the present that we were given the splendid gift called the life for the first time.". It is a life only for you whom there are only important life given, irreplaceable life, one. We who are kept alive must value it.
 Sixth graders, it was finally 12th until National Center Test for University Admissions. During this winter vacation, it will be what I spent on the simulated test and entrance examination measures adjacent to the center. I note physical condition management enough and will plan the collected studies of the high school life while showing Grit (power to carry out), Growth (the power that I continue learning) which I cultivated until now. I pray for a dream being able to come true.
 Aoyama Gakuin University won wonderful championship to a spring for the vexation that the fifth straight victory was quitted by Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden of the other day last year. It was the central figure of championship in a wonderful run to exceed section record said to that it was difficult for Hiroya Yoshida who ran four wards in that to burst for a while for 24 seconds. They are small with 164cm tall, and both the junior high school and the high school are anonymous nationwide. When he joined the track and field club of the university, with the fourth ability from the bottom, he says, "there is only that I make an effort what oneself can do".
 I made a fourth grader, and the boy whom there was not of the particular special ability repeated efforts by the last Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden steadily in a beginning and stretched out the talent and had a heated it wonderfully.
 A boyfriend "thought that the competition life was over at a university since the age of a high school, and came over, and worked hard to decide an aim while there was a deadline, and to use it up till the last. As a really run as hard as possible was possible, I comment saying I seem to be able to graduate without what regret. The figure has many points that you should learn.
 It is a year of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics holding this year. Our country is age to greet the person of foreign countries for a heart of "the hospitality". On the other hand, there is the person of the same generation that one and the life in the school building that it is suffered and is forced to life as an evacuee by do not always go as we want. We value an irreplaceable life and must send school life while school building gaarukoto, a classmate appreciates the daily life that there is.
 To that end, it is important family living in the school building called the star of the dawn namely to live a life while assisting it each other as "ONE TEAM", and sharing it.
 It is tied up poetry of Shoji Miyazawa to "the meaning of the act" as follows.
It is for a warm warmhearted act
When plain thought becomes the easy act
Both <heart> and <thought> are valid beautifully for the first time
-----it is that a person lives as a person
 I will do it in a year to overflow for joy and thanks while contacting with a friend by "a warm act" and "an easy act" while each one brings up a heart of "a life, the generosity".
The principal Onoda civilization
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