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Setsubun society

Category:Kindergarten event
 On February 2, I did Setsubun society in a kindergarten. The mask of ogre and the preparations for beans case are perfect!
 At first I played a game in each class. The group where the Class rose asks about "throwing-ball game competition" "a sinking game" in the Class violet "the corner relay of the ogre" the lily group "the decabread competition of the ogre"
All classes are large serving proceeds! I heard a lively voice from many places.
 Then, I did the bean-scattering ceremony in a class. Part from the person of the taster to a person throwing beans; and "the ogre is ... outside. The fortune is inner ...."
I sent away own weak heart, a bad heart. By having sent away the ogre of the heart, was the heart of children refreshing?
 When I was doing tidying up of the bean-scattering ceremony, a red ogre came over to the room out of nowhere! The expression of children changed at a stretch.
"It is ... ogre if I come! While to said, I picked up the beans which rolled to beans and the floor that oneself had, and the ogre threw ... outside to the ogre. While the ogre says "uwa ... ... which had stolen.", disperse, children "... which did" was to delight.
The face of the children who escaped from the ogre desperately was very pretty.
So that, for one year, health can spend time; ...

The group which worked did the horn relay of the ogre. I went ahead through the zigzag way carefully not to drop a horn on a head. It is takeover for the next friend in picking you up on the head, and standing when I make a goal.
Show courage while escaping for fear of an ogre, and hiding; and "the ogre is the outside! I surrounded beans saying the fortune is inner.
I matched breath and became the serious decabread competition. I was running with all smile when I wore decabread.
I work as a taster with a good expression.
Throwing-ball game competition. A score varies according to the colors of the hoop. One point, two points, three points. Aim well!
I seem to be very glad that beans are thrown. It is an ogre with a smile.
I move in another hoop by a shout of "sinking da ...!". I listened carefully well not to move by words different in chingensainadono♪
A taster is desperate to escape!
An ogre came over to the bud class. I threw the ball which I made with newspaper hard and tried so hard to send an ogre. After an ogre left, is no children restlessly for a while. I just heard a sound in a corridor, and there was the child who hid.
It is in the feeling that became slightly strong when I put on the mask of the ogre who made it by oneself.
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