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Diary 31 of the director "did like an athletic meet?"

Category:Director diary
At first, a para-wave of the age head is in a room and is practiced the movement
I will acquire a timing and adjustability of the movement.
"Did you like an athletic meet?"
 For 10/7 sports Festa (athletic meet), I practice every day. All do their best and, in the garden bus of the return, hear that most children sleep heavily.
 I think that there is the memory of the athletic meet all somewhere if I go to the Japanese school. As for me, what oneself was concerned with as the memory in the days of the primary schoolchild and a teacher of elementary school remains in the impression. When the exercise of the athletic meet began, "a class disappeared", and, in the elementary school days, one was glad at the time of both viewpoints. As I ran fast quite, I was looking forward to the exercise of a race and the relay.
 But, until a second grader, I remember that I did not understand that a race is competition. I thought that I ran with the friend who lined up aside happily and could not be thinking about leaving it out. To hear the story of brothers and the friend "seem to be fast. I knew, it might overtake it. It was the happy times not to know the competition.
 It remains in the impression to have been said to a certain child, "an athletic meet is painful how, or it will not be revealed for the person who is slow in means of transportation." after having become a teacher. If it is an athletic meet to be seen in front of all, I will surely hate a figure left out. As well as a relay, there were various items including the dance, but, as for my son, the exercise of the dance was painful, and the daughter loved a dance.
 It is one method that intends to play an active part in other events, but, at first, it wants to be in the place to show the power that people whom exercise likes had from people who are not so from all God, and to be able to enjoy.

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