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Fire drill

Category:Kindergarten event
 I performed a fire drill that I assumed the fire from the kitchen on November 17.
 In a class, I read the picture-story show about the fire drill beforehand and did a fire place, the confirmation of the evacuation method.
 ※As for the password "cake" of the fire drill※ 
  I do not push it ... or do not come back ... fragment or ... shaberanaimo ...
 The children remembered it well. It gives life to a conventional fire drill.
 When an emergency bell sounded, there was the child afraid a little, but I exposed a handkerchief to the mouth and I was calm and was able to appear in the garden.
 It actually becomes the panic when a fire was caused if I do not train it what kind of move I should make. It is calm to follow own command, and it is important to hear the story of the teacher!

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