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"Diary of the director who came from the elementary school spot" 4

"The face in the mask"
It is like this in the garden bus. I had you pick me up for the first time when you went for an excursion. I hit a head on a ceiling.
"The face in the mask"

 When it is this season, the state that the face of children playing well in a garden turns red is seen.

In the country, a policy not to demand the wearing of the mask uniformly seems to be considered for children before the attendance at school, and it seems to be necessary to consider heat stroke now now.

I take it off only at the time of meal at present. After visiting the classroom at the age of a lunch, I have been startled the other day. It is so to have eaten unexpectedly calmly, but the face of all is to be different, and to have been seen. While I usually play outside and talk, the face which takes off a face and the mask which at last I learned, and is seen to lips is different. I felt it was very mysterious, and fresh. I understood an expression well very much each and felt glad.

It is Corona Era, and possibly we seem to have possibilities to spend it each other without knowing the true face all the time.

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