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State of the bud class 6.7 month

I challenge the work that I thought that slightly hard to please!  Several pieces repeat themselves until I understand several pieces.
Work of the straw run-through. As I concentrate on it, eyes are earnest.
A 3-year-old birthday meeting. During the first semester, there is many it;; a friend became 3 years old. A lot of children of the favorite phrase have "it is not a baby anymore because it is 3 years old".
Stamp play. I use the plastic container.
I put the fish which I added a design to if I stamp it a lot. In the sea, a fish swims well.
For time when an earthquake was generated, I did a fire drill. I transform myself into a dumpling insect and hide under the desk. I was slightly scared, but did my best.
I made the Star Festival decoration. I take a ceremonial photograph together.
I observed the Star Festival society of older brother, older sister. You should be able to dance well in that way next year.
On the day when weather is bad, I enjoy indoor play. I came to be able to play with the same image little by little.
I had a small ball in water and I put it in the cup and enjoyed it. I was able to save it well not to spill it.
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