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Farewell party

I performed a farewell party on Friday, February 26.
I spent the time happy together of the class doing the program of the class, and eating a cake.
B, C handed the present which I made with a feeling of thank you to A.
The day to spend with A in a kindergarten gradually decreased.
In addition to joy of the growth, there is the loneliness, too, but wants to spend it well brightly together.
The program of the Class violet "give me it". The children who considered, "fireworks were clean!" said, and a Class violet looked glad, too.
A program of the Class rose "is proud of a throat of kinkonkaeru". Everybody of the Class rose became a frog completely.
The program of the working group "minikuiahirunoko." It is a scene noticing that oneself is a swan.
The program "north wind and sun" of the Class lily. The sun and the dignified north wind that glistened shiningly were impressive.
A is reading a message from B, C slowly and carefully. B, C looks glad, too.
I hand it on seeing eyes well.
I ate the lunch at a favorite seat. I seem to be glad that I can eat in the next to A!
The snacks of the farewell party were deep-fried first, fruit, furenchipapiro of the pie!
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