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Is heated; is heated ☆fesuta

Is heated on Friday, October 30; is heated ☆fesutaga was performed.
Make going to kindergarten on the morning of the day, "☆ fesutadayone which is boiled which is boiled today. Pleasing -!"
He/she informed it of this with a smile with a smile.
It is a shopping game in the Maria hall. Scarf, pochette, the toy which children made,
Various articles which a protector prepared formed a line and it brightened eyes and considered it "which shall I do it in?".
In the training center, a game and cake fishing overcharge. I flew an airplane absorbedly and caught a cake.
"What can I do for you? How about??"
"Give me this scarf." The scarf which A sa h made. It seems to be warm.
The toy which can be idle is quite popular with children.
"A vendor. Though I was tense, it was fun."
"- as for the matoo aim!"
"Kana - to fly far"
Cake fishing overcharges
"Kana - to be well!"
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