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"Please diary 23 of the director once a month to the garden"

Small birds gathered. Can you see it? In spring by a little.
"Please diary 23 of the director once a month to the garden"

 I decided to prepare for an opportunity to have you come to the protector in some kind of forms once a month in the next fiscal year at this garden for Corona Era in after. It may be thought that it may retrogress in the times to have to go to visit the kindergarten now that working protectors increased.  

Of course you should be able to participate only when you do not need to be able to participate in all and are convenient. It means not to concentrate on toiukotoha, a certain moon "once a month", and how about when I think that it means that choices increased?

It is important thing that there is the opportunity when the education has you see cooperation gaattekosodatoshitara of the protector, a lot of states of the child as well as a kindergarten. I think that there is much discovery not to notice by the streaming when I have you come.

 To that end, I thought that it was necessary to tell him/her about a plan early and told him/her about annual schedule of the next fiscal year by the end of February and allowed you to coordinate it with the schedule of the home.

Once set it in a term as if having you choose it from one week on a childcare open day. In reference to a satisfaction questionnaire, I did not increase the rests of Saturday very much, and was, keeping it enlarged closure from this year for a long term. Please see the product of our pains while I secure the holiday of the teacher who can decide it in the labor and management agreement by all means.

In addition, I publish the policy of these revisions in the page for exclusive use of the protector of the homepage with an event schedule.

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