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[(high 3) course guidance]

Category:High school,Six years
In today's LHR, the sixth grader (high 3) had course guidance.
The introduction of the university admission common test and conventional recommendation entrance examination, Admissions office system change "the school recommendation type selection" for "the overall pattern selection" and it is the entrance examination with many changes this year, but supports all the teachers so that a hope course of realizes it.
I will do my best together without giving it up to the very end.

[cicada of the courtyard]

Category:Middle and high schools
Temperature rose to 32 degrees Celsius and was a very hot day today.
In the courtyard of medium- and high-levels, many cicadas chirped well.
A hot day continues, but we are careful about physical condition, and let's try study, club activities hard well without being defeated by cicadas.


Category:Junior high school,One year
The student of the first grader had Father Frederick bless the one one Rosary that I made heartily. I send it to Yokohama where the huge cargo boats of various countries gather and present the world to a sailor going on a trip every year. When the thought of students praying for security and the health of the sea voyage reach many sailors alone, I pray.

[school bus]

Category:Middle and high schools
In our school, I operate a wonderful school bus unified with bright blue.
"The north course," the school bus of the star in dawn is running well "Ihara course" "the south course" "the east course" "Yamate course" today while there being 6 courses of "the Fukuyama Station north exit course", and valuing "relief, the security" of the student in the first!

[initiation ceremony] S club

Category:News,Middle and high schools,Club
I greeted all of Soroptimist International, and the initiation ceremony of the S club (Service) and the inauguration ceremony of the new officer were held.
The S club moves into action every year while having support of all of Soroptimist International and cooperation. By the greetings by the student of the representative, I announced the enthusiasm saying "I want to continue the activity that there was to the oneself now while considering "the new lifestyle" that assumed new coronavirus".
All of Soroptimist International which visited a school, thank you very much while you're busy.
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