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[holiday exercise] Indoor orchestral music club

Category:Middle and high schools,Club
An indoor orchestral music club works on an exercise on a holiday.
For a school festival planned two weeks later, I work hard at an exercise with the heart of all the members as one. As for this school festival, the state of the performance of the hall is delivered to each classroom as infectious disease measures online. Please do your best to be able to report spirit to the whole school through the performance of all!

[dream, the future project 2020] I participate in this [Yamada]

Category:News,Junior high school,Three years
"Let's talk! A dream the future! The last examination of the presentation meet was held in citizens of Hiroshima Cultural Center on Saturday, August 29, and Yamada Sakura of the ninth grader participated.
Yamada participated in the last examination of the last year and announced the dream to want to become an announcer. It was a chance this time and was chosen as the publisher of the support message. With Okubo Shigeki of the host, I achieved an important role in a dignified manner magnificently.

[cold wind machine]

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I purchased a cold wind machine while the severe lingering summer heat continued to improve the living environment of the students who tried study or a club hard, and to prevent heat stroke. Including a classroom or a gymnasium, in all movable 17 cold wind machines now; is doing it. A hot day seems to continue next week. Let's spend school life doing health care enough well together!

[flower bed after school]

Category:Middle and high schools
Strong sunlight glared down and was hot and humid one day today.
The beautiful setting sun and the bright red "Madagascar periwinkle" which made it bloom jumped into eyes after school when I canceled the leaving school of the students who sweated for club activities. The scenery to show from this place in this time is very wonderful and is my favorite spot.

[student morning gathering] Online

Category:Middle and high schools
An online student morning gathering was practiced this morning.
There was the screening of "the club introduction video" which a request of the "new coronavirus infectious disease emergency donation" that the love Japan which the Japanese Catholic Church supported worked on cooperation and a bell mark count result report for the first semester, club general affairs produced.
Preparations were really great while all of student council executives was hot. Thank you for a wonderful student morning gathering!
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