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[the Fukuyama district Junior High School entirety] Championship [exercises]

Category:News,Junior high school,Club,One year
Riko Ishida of the seventh grader won championship in "the part of Fukuyama district autumn synthesis physical education meet gymnastics" wonderfully.
Ishida seems to work hard at a severe exercise commencing with exercises since the days of a first grader every day in earnest. Ishida whom the pattern that is a first grader shows a splendid performance to with a dignified figure is really excellent. Please do your best for the planned next meeting at the end of September. I support you!
Individual all-round    The first place [42.50]
The vault first place [12.00] according to the item
Floor first rank [11.30] according to the item
The balance beam second place [11.50] according to the item

[school closure] It is news of this

Category:Important!,Middle and high schools
I am closed during the next period from today.
I cause all of you trouble, but I would like understanding and cooperation. In addition, in the case of emergency, please contact the monastery in this academy.

[protector round-table conference]

Category:Middle and high schools
I performed a protector round-table conference for the first semester in two days from yesterday, all school years.
At the reception desk, there was the sale of the wonderful "Christmas wreath" and "accessory bag" which all of parents' associations handcrafted. In the waiting room of the first grader, many works which I worked on in each subject were displayed. The protectors who visited a school, thank you very much while it was hot.

[closing ceremony]

Category:Middle and high schools
At last, under the influence of the closure of a school due to the new coronavirus infectious disease, I was able to reach a closing ceremony today.
I tried the all truth hard well to make up for the delay of the class including school attendance of Saturday and shortening of the summer vacation while it was hot. It is short summer vacation, but let's enjoy summer vacation well while keeping a new lifestyle in mind!

[line of the cicada]

Category:Middle and high schools
The passing of the rainy season of the Chugoku district was announced yesterday (7/30). Temperature rose and was very hot and humid 1st today.
To a branch of the one of the trees of front gate side, is why; or of the cast-off shell of the cicada can stand in line. Would it be the favorite branch of cicadas? ? Really mysterious.
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