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The latest information (2019)

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[schedule change] It is news of this

Category:Middle and high schools
As measures of the new coronavirus infectious disease, I was based on the notice from administration and judged shortening and postponement, the cancellation of the next school events out of necessity.
I would like understanding and cooperation in future as the change is possible depending on the situation.
<change of the event>
●Monday, April 6
 Opening ceremony ➡︎ shortening (I carry it out by broadcast)
●Tuesday, April 7
 Only entrance ceremony ➡︎ new pupil and a protector attend (as for the current students only as for the representative)
●Tuesday, April 14
 (four years) the first school excursion briefing session ➡︎ postponement
●Saturday, April 18
 (one year) on-site training ➡︎ cancellation made with a friend
●Tuesday, April 28
 Athletic meet ➡︎ cancellation

[curriculum special in spring]


[school attendance day before entrance to school]

Category:Junior high school
I carried out "the school attendance day for junior high school new pupils before entrance to school" in the morning.
I shortened a schedule than a plan, but was very glad that I could see cheerful new pupils. In cherry blossoms in full bloom, I pray so that an entrance ceremony enforces it safely.

[huge antenna]

Category:Middle and high schools
For a tablet terminal to introduce as promotion of the ICT education from the next fiscal year, a huge antenna was installed in the roof of the school building. In this, the stable Internet environment in the campus seems to be able to be realized. A terminal of one student alone is about two weeks until a maintained day! I look forward to the day very!

[school attendance day before entrance to school] Be assigned to this [new seventh grader]

New seventh grader protectors
A new coronavirus infectious disease is in the popular situation now. Taking the situation into consideration, I shorten the plan on a school attendance day before new average 1 entrance to school of Saturday on 28th and do the end time with 10:00.
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