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[(four years) composite learning]

Category:News,High school,Four years
In the fourth graders (high 1), I deepen learning about "the future when Japan and the world to research in SDGs are rich" while making the video to apply for "sightseeing Koshien 2020" from now on. I had you give a lecture on "charm and a problem of Fukuyama-shi to think about from the viewpoint of sightseeing" toward Fukuyama-shi government office today. I answered the question of students carefully and was able to spend significant time.
<participation section>
・Visit to Japan sightseeing section
・Japanese inheritance section

[I work on the fund-raising] I carry this out

Category:Middle and high schools
The students of the student council executives work on "the second corona 100 yen donation".
I called you in the first-floor hall for morning and the lunch break, and many students cooperated. Many smiles are created through the activity of the executives on the campus.
Students who cooperated, thank you very much!

[the setting sun to see from a window]

Category:Middle and high schools
On the star of the dawn "study direct", there is toiu work.
The students of the person in charge of each class gather together at fixed time after school, and what confirm locking of the campus together, and turn around works. For infectious disease measures, I am going only in teachers now. Today's photograph is the scenery that I photographed from the third floor of the school building in study direct oshiteiru.
From the end of this week to the next week, a typhoon of the very strong power might approach West Japan. Please be careful about the latest information of the typhoon.

[swimming] Championship (Mitani)

Category:Commendation,Junior high school,Club,One year,Two years
Three Urawa of Yua Mitani and the seventh grader of the eighth grader participated in a general physical education meet (part of the swimming) in Fukuyama district autumn performed on Saturday, August 29 and carried out winning a prize wonderfully. Two people seem to participate in a held meeting as Hiroshima late next week. You show the result of the past exercise, and please do your best for winning a prize. I support you!
・Women's 100 meters butterfly
  First place (1:10.08) Yua Mitani
・Women's 200 meters butterfly
  Second place (2:39.60) Yua Mitani
・Women's synthesis
  The sixth place

[the opening ceremony]

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
The opening ceremony of the second semester was held.
For the infectious disease prevention, it became the on-line opening ceremony using the projector of each classroom. The states such as greetings, the sacred song of the Bible reading and the president of the student council were projected, too. A hotter day continues, but I put up a sign well and will do it for the significant second semester while valuing each day.
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