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[GTEC] I carry this out

Category:News,High school,Six years
Sixth grader (high 3) all the members challenged "Advanced" of "GTEC for Students".
"Reading which is 4 English skills," "Writing" is score type skill official approval to measure "Speaking" "Listening". In our school, I add it to "Listening" which importance adds to in the university admission common test and lay emphasis on "Speaking". The power that I acquired by a class of the English conversation with the Shane teacher and "online English conversation" gives a big effect.

[English official approval] I carry this out

Category:News,Middle and high schools
As for examining it, today is the last day the long term end! Students really thank you.
The English authorization by the applicant is enforced in the afternoon on campus, and many students challenge it. We support everybody repeating efforts towards own aim with every effort!

[vending machine] I install this

Category:News,Middle and high schools
Yesterday, two new vending machines were installed in the campus.
Before a coming hot summer season, ped bottles such as sports drinks or the mineral water which it was a lot of the request joined it from a student newly. As heat stroke measures, let's keep brisk hydration in mind!

[the term end examination]

Category:Middle and high schools
I carry out an examination in the term end of the first semester from this week.
The learning degree of progress and a schedule were changed under the influence of closure of a school, but are an important examination to confirm that I learned so far. We do our best till the last, and let's try so hard that we can finish exerting own power!

[to protectors]

Category:Important!,Middle and high schools
A heavy rain, a flood warning is announced now. (Hiroshima region meteorological observatory announcement: at 8:14)
I am based on the delay situation of the public transport and move back the start time for examination for one hour in today's term end and change it at from 9:50.
Students makes security have top priority, and please attend school. When danger and difficulty occur for school attendance, please attend school when the situation was improved. The thing about this matter does not become handled as tardy, absence.
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
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TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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