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Category:Middle and high schools
Insect insect snail ... which does not appear which does not appear♬
In rain of the rainy season when shitoshitoto continues to fall, I detect a creature taking a walk well!
The snail has two to four feeler and has the eyeball which is small earlier, and is pretty of the greatly outstanding large feeler. There is two antennule in the bottom and seems to be able to feel a smell and taste. A wonder is full to observation shitemimasho ♬ snail by all means this time if I find it!

[visit to school society]

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
The rain which I worried about stopped and was able to carry out "visit to school party" safely.
By holding that I continued it for two weeks, many children, students, protectors participated. Through a class visit and an entrance examination conference, I had you feel charm of our school including the atmosphere of a state and the school of students and had the favorable reception that there was many it for a questionnaire.
All of you who visited a school, thank you very much.

[work] Calligraphy club

Category:Middle and high schools,Club
The new work of the calligraphy club is displayed in the half-landing breaking out in the hall.
In two innumerable stars of Matsuda and Takahashi of five years (high 2) sparkling in the night sky with a work beautifully, a greatly powerful book is written. Is this kanji readable, everybody? ?

[heavy rain]

Category:Middle and high schools
The disaster caused by the heavy rain in various places throughout Kyushu becomes the big news.
A heavy rain, a flood warning was announced in Hiroshima and I stopped club activities after school in our school and became the leaving school now [7/6 Monday 17:00]. It becomes the forecast of the heavy rain till late tonight. I am careful about the service situation or vehicle information of the public transport and I give priority to security and will attend school tomorrow morning.

[religion] Search for good toko

Category:Junior high school,Three years
I performed work to look for the good place of the friend titled "how to make of the identity" at time of the religion of the third grader.
I wrote it to fill the paper which put the good place of the friend who sent it to the entrance, and could not readily usually say on the back. I wrestled very happily while being embarrassed a little. Does everybody not do search for good tokoro of a friend and the family, too? ? Surely it is the wonderful time when each other's bonds deepen! !
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