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[commendation] Ballet contest [the third place]

Category:Junior high school,Club,Three years
Rie Negishi Kaori in the third year of junior high school participated in "the 142nd NAMUE ballet contest" held in Hiroshima on Wednesday, May 5 and won the third place in a junior high school section. Congratulations. 

<comment from a student>

I was in a corona evil, but I carried out infection precaution thoroughly and was glad as the safety was able to dance. I was able to provide such a result every day thanks to pickup and drop-off, the lunch to a lesson and a school, various support in the whole family, the teachers of the ballet classroom. I sincerely thank many people who always support it. I will try harder from now on towards the top.

[LHR] Learning plan

Category:Junior high school,Two years
It was two weeks until a middle examination.
Using the original notebook of each school year, iPad and star of the dawn, I put up the learning plan for the periodical examination. I become a junior high student and, for the first grader, am the first examination. I will prepare well to show own power.

[LHR] The Holy Mother month

Category:Middle and high schools,Three years,Five years,Six years
Various school years talked about an aim or the approach of the Holy Mother month at time of LHR.
I make the only altar with each class for the cause by the talks in the world. I drew an illustration using a tablet, and there were a lot of classes thinking about the image of the altar this year. I share image data for each group and I repeat transparent colors and paint, and the utilization technology of the ICT apparatus improves surprisingly in one year.

[LHR] Problem discovery type learning [four years]

Category:High school,Four years
A fourth grader (in the first year of high school) works on "problem discovery type learning".
I checked facilities, facilities of the campus in each group, and "are there not a problem and the problems?" talked with it about "what should I do to be settled?". I collect their opinions and thoughts into a slide with iPad and am going to give presentation to a director teacher and the principal at the end of this month.

[the Holy Mother month] Altarpiece

Category:Event,Middle and high schools,Three years,Six years
An altar is displayed in the floor of each school year every year when it is the Holy Mother month of May.
The pretty dolls which the teacher of six years (in the third year of high school) displayed are displayed at the front entrance. In this, the state of the Saint drama "wedding ceremony of the kana" of the opening seems to be reproduced. On the altar of each class from next week, the loving thought of students and a unique idea are put every year. It will be a pleasure very now this year what kind of altar is displayed.
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