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[graduate] I publish it in the advertisement [Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts]

Category:News,Middle and high schools
A poster of Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts where Yasumoto of the graduate was published in was completed.
I am published in a local train running in Hiroshima or Okayama of JR WEST now. Please see JR on the use by all means.

[radio] I appear on this [occasion rose tree]

Category:News,Middle and high schools
A radio introduced "an occasion rose tree" this morning.
A program from 11:00 of "the FM mountain boiling over" "go to that! Mukai and Murakami of five years (in the second year of high school) in charge of a design appeared on Levin ☆ part II. I pray you that the thought of the students who loaded this tree reach many various places.
[period] From Saturday, December 4 to 25th Saturday
[place] Tenmaya Department Store Fukuyama port plaza shop

[GTEC] I carry this out [4 or 5 years]

Category:News,High school,Four years,Five years
4 or 5 years student (in the first year of high school 2) took an entrance examination for "GTEC".
GTEC copes with "CEFR" by score-shaped English skill official approval to measure four power of "I read and write it and hear it and talk", and even the university entrance exam is used. In "Speaking", learning of the everyday English conversation shows in particular big power.

[occasion rose tree] But, it is completed

Category:News,Middle and high schools
A Christmas tree colored with "an occasion rose" was completed.
Students handcrafted the theme of this year in "the blue tree that a heart felt relaxed" heartily one by one. A display place was changed, but I celebrate Christmas, and praying to want many people to spend wonderful time is the same until now. Please see it by all means.
[period] From Saturday, December 4 to 25th Saturday
[place] Tenmaya Department Store Fukuyama port plaza shop

[Christmas tree] I install this

Category:Middle and high schools
A Christmas tree was completed this year in front of the front entrance.
With the handicraft of teachers, I continue it for approximately ten years. At time of the leaving school that cold wind blows, and the area darkens, the small light that there is many it shines and warms up the mind of students quietly.
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