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[synthesis] Announcement [four years] of the personal study

Category:High school,Four years
I announced the personal study that I worked on using "time for general research" from the second semester.
I stood in the street and, in the announcement, checked the number of violation of the bicycle and had you review one's own Japanese confectionery toward the Japanese confectionery craftsman, and there were many things which studied the contents which each one was interested in deeply.

[cooperation research project] Prior workshop

Category:News,High school,Four years,Five years
"Cooperation research project in Osaki-Kamijima" that I carry out in cooperation with Takatsuki High School (Osaka), Meisei Senior High School (Tokyo), Okayama High School (Okayama). Five people participate from a tenth grader, a second grader this year. In the local training in Osaki-Kamijima performed at the end of March with the student of other schools "anything with the richness" I am assigned to this and think.
Prior to the local training, the students push forward preparations online in after school. I did meeting of the new members with a member of the local training and performed a school introduction, self-introduction this week.

[the snow]

Category:Middle and high schools
Some snow from last night stay, and a slope and a flower bed of the campus become the snow covering.
According to today's weather forecast, the highest temperature is 4 degrees Celsius. The students attended school while making a shoulder narrower to protect the body from cold wind.

[news current events ability test test] I carry this out

Category:News,Middle and high schools
Targeting at applicants, I carried out news official approval.
I read and decipher a newspaper and news reports of TV and develop power to conjugate, and, by the official approval for the purpose of authorizing it, the student that there is many it challenges it every year. I am made questions from politics and economy, living, society, environment, international five fields, and it is one of the opportunity to promote general current events power.

[lecture] Graduate [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year
A first grader greeted Kyoko Fujita of the graduate and carried out a lecture.
After a story of the history of the koto, I played Michio Miyagi composition "sea of spring" Koto Kuzuhara composition "demon's lantern march" with a handmade koto of your father. We who live in town of koto "Fukuyama." I was able to spend valuable time to touch the koto.
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
※ About the individual inquiry
I would like it at the following.
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